By ፡Haphtu Charew

When dots are connected

The night we were expecting the result(victory Joe Biden) of the American election , a shocking flash news aired through theEBC( Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation). The Prime Minister him self announced the breakout of the war. Ethiopia against Tigray.

To the political elites and to conspiracy theorists , the news was not as startling and shocking as the commoners since they guessed this would come at some time. They happened to know there has been preparations by both the Federal government and the Tigray regions. The medias also have been beating the drums.
What came as a shock was the cause that forced the PM to wage a war against Tigray”an attack on Northern Command of the ENDF.”

One thing must be clear that there was a long and positive relationship between the people (also the government )of Tigray and the Northern command .
The command used to help the farmers in the time of need. For example ,during harvest seasons ,they help them harvest their crops. When a locust swarms, they give their hands. If so, why would the TPLF strike them? And if so, would TPLF attack EDF unprovoked ? Also, the PPs have always been disseminating propaganda and false narratives for numerous times.

We should also note that the government of Tigray regional state had a media briefing that the region had been invaded. This was prior to the war.

The war broke out. “Greedy Junta” was a name given to TPLF leaders and every media in the country ,print or electronic , used the new term every now and then.

Following that, both antagonies were heard winning and captivating soldiers ,and destroying enemies.
All medias shifted their agenda on the ongoing war. Even the so called “private medias” became the voice of the PP.

Weeks passed by.
The international communities , some Western and American officials talked of
“de-escalating ” the war and starting discussions.
But, the PM who had an over confidence of winning the war with in a week tops, rejected the idea. How silly of him!
More than anyone , the Amhara regional government and the sovereign country of Eritrea which got its independence through the help of TPLF~felt ecastetic to crush Tigray. The former wanted hegemony and the later a revenge.

During the course of the war,
Tplf rocketed Bahir Dar and Gondar bases. And then to Asmara . When TPLF rocketed Asmara, people thought it was a cry out for help. It wasn’t.
Eventhough it was obvious that Abiy who is in a honeymoon like relationship with the dictator Isayas Afeworki ,invited ,even planned the war with Eritrea , he clearly denied it.
UAE helped with Drones. Civilians bombed. Their houses and properties burnt. No body cared.

Not a single person from Ethiopia tried to even ask about the safety of innocents. Not even the religious leaders or civil institutions. Startling right!?

The worst case scenario is that the amnesty international used only Abiy’s research ,took as evidence ,on the killing of the ማይካድራ(Maycadra-place),blamed TPLF. Not logical right ? Because ,they committed “the bagging theory fallacy “.
Even a judge hears left and right side of the story. As the saying goes, “everyone ,innocent or guilty, is entitled to their defense”.
Due to the war, thousands left their home and fled to Sudan ,but the ENDF tried to block them.

When the international humanitarians/crisis group?/asked to investigate the case of Maycadra, the government (through official an named Redwan Hussein ) forbade it. Disallowed it. Abiy wanted (still wants) only his side of the story to be heard or taken as an absolute truth.

In the cover or name of the infamous “law enforcement “, the Raya and Wolkayt part of Tigray were (still) fforcedly taken by the expansionist Amharas , but the federal government didn’t do anything because it wasn’t about law and order in the first place. Any law works for everyone right ? So, why now?
Plus, he ,PM Abiy, doesn’t want to tell the Amharans to leave the lands of Tigray , as he thinks ,they are his only supporters.
He would rather burn Tigray to hell.

Other than waging in the battle, he is still using hunger and starvation as a weapon to weaken and subjugate the people of Tigray, people who are known to their resilience. How inhuman is that!!

See, now, there are some people who are not sure over who started the war ,despite Abiy’s unproven say.
Last week, Abere Adamu ,Commissioner, revealed that thw war broke out after they completed their preparations. That’s “oh!no”right? Shockingly ,there is more to it. He also said that the northern command of the ENDF had a secret link with them. Imagine ,the ENDF has no political side,but they had link with the Amhara forces? Nerve wrecking !

Another ENDF general in a video said “we don’t know who invited /allowed/ an alien in to our border.” He seemed confused when he said this. But he witnessed the invasion of Eritrea to Tigray. And surly ,it is by the blessing of Abiy. Contrary to the witness of the General , Daniel Kibret who is a religious person , one of the advisors of Abiy , the head of Ethiopian Press Agency , boldly denied the intrusion of Eritrea saying ” I am 101% certain that an Eritrean army never entered Tigray. People who say this don’t know Ethiopia well ” Shocking right?

Still , another video of zoom meeting shows an ENDF soldier talking that they have been using war drones. He also added they will also go after the refugees sheltered in Sudan.

So ,from connecting all of these, one can draw that
There was never “law enforcement ” in Tigray. It was all about hegemony ,revenge that resulted in ethnic cleansing .

History has it that war has always killed more civilians than military people.
Another sad truth~ like the Catholic backed Hitler and Mussolini, like the Russian Orthodox supported Joseph Stalin , religions in Ethiopia now also supports Abiy. How hypocrite is that?

Ethiopia has a bunch of women ministers ,but none of them have the courage to even talk about the rape of women in Tigray by the soldiers.

These all leads to something. People of Tigray now began to realize that nothing is worse than staying in this country. They have always been suffering from the “Shoan leaders”. It all is against freedom. Amd what is a man with out freedom? With out identity ? Where will all these atrocities take us ? or leave us? may be in the coming years we could see the birth of another county in Africa.


By Haphtu Charew

Human rights activist

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