About Us

Hahu Prime is an internet-based media company dedicated to providing reliable coverage of crimes and atrocities, with a particular focus on the ongoing situation in Ethiopia, specifically the events in Tigray, often referred to as the #TigrayGenocide.

Our primary objective is to present accurate and trustworthy information about Tigray and the wider Horn of Africa region to the global community. We strive to be a reliable source of news and aim to raise awareness about the ongoing crisis in Tigray.

On our platform, we host a range of content, including articles, opinions, images, videos, and news reports. We gather and curate these materials with the intention of preserving them as valuable evidence and testimonies of the genocide occurring in Tigray. By doing so, we hope to contribute to the collective understanding of the atrocities committed and ensure that such acts are never repeated.

We welcome contributions from anyone who wishes to share relevant content related to Tigray, including eyewitness accounts, first-hand reports, and additional evidence. Together, we can shed light on the situation and work towards justice and accountability.


E-mail:  hahuint@gmail.com or info@hahuprime.com

On the body of the email please describe about the evidence.