Despite the fact that Abiy’s government attempt to cover what is being cruelly done to civil and innocent Tigrians , it seems that it is out there and the world is getting hold of the reality .

The world is watching so many disturbing and heart breaking videos and pictures. Apart from the mass murder of people inside their homes, breaking properties ,burning houses and cropes, and looting , Asmara ,Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa are happy doing it.

Although they still claim and blabber that it is all about the more cliché excuse “law enforcement “, what is really happening in the ground tells a different reality, that is , they have had a long hidden hate for Tigray and this being a motive, they declared war in all fronts of the region.
It didn’t for a second occurred to them that the war on Tigray would have an effect/change/ the political dynamics of East Africa. Given the region has so many unresolved territorial problems.

Only two politicians from Ethiopia tried to condemn the cleansing which Abiy and his compliances sugarcoat as “law enforcement.”

Lidetu Ayalew, a prominent politician couldn’t hid his fear saying that
“[after all of this ] I fear we may lose a moral to even call Tigrians as Ethiopians! “

Another politician ,Yelikal Getnet , who got released earlier than Lidetu from prison, explained፡

” What is now happening in Tigray is not ‘law enforcement ‘,obviously it is a war.
They used every artilary ፡tanks,snipers,jets and drones etc…”

“The saying “law enforcement ” shows how the government is so deceptive !”

He also added that ” the federal government has always been preparing for the war ,and what you (the media) are saying that “the government wasn’t ready “is far from reality and is a propaganda. What the government is doing is apparently a war.”

In their recent interview ,the two politicians spoke the sovereign country which is an enemy to Ethiopia has participated in the war in full scale and it is by the blessing of Abiy Ahmed. Well that remark is right but a bit partial . Because , the Amhara militias and especial forces have also done their share against Tigrian civilians. They never mentioned it in their interview.

In a country where there are many “human right activists” , no one even tried to give a voice the mass murders of innocents in Tigray .
In a country where there are many women ministers who claim to be ‘feminists’ ,they give a deaf ear to the many children and women being raped in Tigray for the last three months.
What is even shocking is that one of the ministers , Muna Ahmed ,director of women youth and women affairs shamelessly said in her interview with ‘Ahadu Radio ‘

” what is said to be happening in Tigray that women and children being raped , has no evident and concrete report . So it is no more than a mouth talk.”

How full of cruelty is the above idea! Did she want a video of women being raped ?
How awful to even think about it!!!

For the record , there are more than 750 of them in Ayder hospital , Mekele. Some medias are makeng features from the witnesses there.
One of the victims said, “she had been raped by nine soldiers.”

On the ignorance of the world , the people of Tigray are being massacred ,raped , exiled ,their crops burnt, profiled, marginalized , looted and destroyed etc.
This all is made by a country they once fought for with their blood, established and built with their intellect.
The world couldn’t do anything to help them survive. They just exhaust us with the “deeply concerned ” sickening phrase.

We have seen and heard every atrocity a man can only imagine being made to civilians. Our mind and heart can’t stand it anymore.
But, there are more inhumanly crimes being committed on them that are yet to be uncovered and unfolded .
That is going to be a petrifying thing the world will experience.
This all is being made by Abiy and his master Isayas Afeworki .
Only God knows who can and will bear to watch and hear the nerve wrecking stories from poor innocent Tigrians.


By Haphtu Charew

Human rights activist

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