What they make it seem VS What it really is
By፡ Haphtu Charew

The federal government of Ethiopia ,the prosperity party officials ,the Amhara elites and their supporters say everything that is happening in Tigray is right and it still is(for them) a law enforcement task.

In the process of the “law enforcement “, many nerve wrecking and heart breaking have been committed to civilians .They don’t tell you such things. In fact, the prime minister clearly denied it saying “we controlled Mekelle without harming any civil being.
And, the people believed their Messiah .

They didn’t have the audacity to question the report, provided they know the bombshell of every spot by the ENDF.

He(the PM) also claimed victry and said “it (the war)is all over”.
The government also was bragging about not inviting the Eriterian army to help hunt the TPLF leaders.
The rest of Ethiopia in general make it sound everything that happend in Tigray by the joint forces is of a blessing .

But, one in a right mind may ask “what is really happening in the ground?”

Despite Ethiopians and state owned medias say, what is really happening in Tigray is a great disaster . Not even the Derg regime’s deeeds compare to PP’s.

More than 60+ thousand people have fled to Sudan. God knows how many innocents didn’t make it there.

Many are(more than two million ) reportedly immigrated because of the ongoing war and the killings of civilians which the government denies or chose to ignore.
The Eritrean army who got the chance/invitation to revenge, did(still doing) every atrocity that a man couldn’t imagine .
They kill civilians,loot,ecerything,destroy heritages ,religious places.
This all happens on the watch of the ENDF(Ethiopian National Defence Force).

The Amhara militia and especial forces also did the same thing from the west and southern part of Tigray. Once the ENDF controles a place , it leaves it to the Amharas. And when they take over the place, they do what the Eriterians have been doing.

This is not enough for them. If the Amhara militias ,which do not wear war uniforms , win a battle they bragg about it. But most of the time they lose and since they do not have uniforms , the politicians make it seem that the Tigray especial forces committed a mass killing of civilians. This is the politics they are playing now.

The Amharans also have taken a huge part of land which they claim is their “ርስት” meaning inheritance.
In media,they tell you it is about “law enforcement “, in reality , it is all against the law.
The lands of Raya and Welkayt (which are forcefully taken by Amharas now) belong to Tigray.
The ENDF knows all these but chose to ignore.

Will the people of Tigray call themselves as Ethiopians after all of this?

I doubt it.
Because, what do they have to loose after all these organized and state led atrocities ?
No matter the federal government of Ethiopia likes to sugarcoat it, their deeds, from the eyes of universal humanity ,is genocide.
The people of Ethiopia ,though think of themselves to be hospitable ,kind and religious , even couldn’t show any empathy or sympathy, rather, they chose to ignore Tigray’s adversity.

This all makes the people of Tigray feel that they are alone in all of this. This feeling makes it difficult to think Ethiopia will continue the same ,even if ,the war is over. If it will be over.

Although Prime Minister Abiy(Dr.) and his unelected government tries to convince the world that the war is over ,every civil inTigray is safe, the reality tells and shows otherwise.

-The war continues in every corner of the region.

-Many people are killed mercilessly by the Eriterian army.

-Properties and institutions are lootted and destroyed by The Amhara militia and the Eritrean army on the watch of the ENDF.
-Thousands are fleeing their region to Sudan.
-Humanitarian access is impossible because the government wouldn’t allow it.

-Hunger amd starvation is spreading like a wildfire in the region. People are dying of it.

So , between what the Ethiopian government wants the world to believe and what is on the ground , there is a huge difference. In fact quite the opposite.
And the world is witnessing it.

Many war crimes, human crisis and untold stories are yet to be out.
As many say, what is really happening in Tigray is a ” tantamount to ethnic cleansing !!”
#Stop the war in Tigray!


By Haphtu Charew

Human rights activist

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