Seven months passed. Since Abiy and his complicit associates started their long aged hateful desire to eliminate Tigrayans from the face of Earth.

Any person who understands the gravity of the dire condition in Tigray wouldn’t dare to call it just a war. Because it would romanticize it. What Tigray and Tigrayans are under is an ultimate existential threat . It is genocide !!!

For a hell of seven months people have been blocked from humanitarian aids. Cities, towns , rural villages , farmlands burnt with bombshells and heavy artilleries.

Imagine civil institutions , health centers ,hospitals , farmacies schools ,drug vendors , universities , religious institutions like monasteries , churches and mosques got destroyed and ransacked deliberately.

Imagine pregnant women giving birth in a forest while they hid. People with critical diseases die of lack of medications. Children ,women and aged people die of starvation and thirst .Also, many die in the bushes fleeing their homes. Farmers see off the rainy season sadly because they can’t sow their seeds. For their oxen are killed and eaten. For their farm equipments are brocken. For their seeds are burnt. Also, they are told not to plough their farmlands.

While millions are in danger of famine , many have now started to crumble like a dry leaf .
Millions are expunged from their homelands. The Fascist Amharans are the engineers for the expunges. Especially from the west Tigray.

They also the masters of rapin children and women. In the southern part also they force the people to change their identity to Amhara if not, they wouldn’t give them the aid. When they rape the women they tell them that now their blood has purified and have become Amharas. They are so barbarians !!

Eritreans similarly , do the same . Loot, destroy, mass rape murder civilians .
The Ethiopian Defense Forse also mass shoot civilians , youngsters and priests. They also shoot the mass shooting through their phone’s video.

Now Tigrayans are in danger . Of human made starvation. No wonder why a CNN reporter said ” I never saw hell before, but now I have!”

The Targets

Civilians are targeted more than the Tigrayan fighters who are now guerilla fighters.
But the invaders are in towns and cities killing innocents. Raping children and women.
For their aim is to wipe out all Tigrayans they kill , rape, loot, destroy everything. Use prohibited weapons like white phosphorus , drones, starving people etc.

Is there a Choice ?

No, never!!!
Tigrayans believe that there is no way out of this labyrinth – except one way, and , that is, to fight !
The invaders, with TPLF as their excuse , want to destroy Tigray. They have been doing everything and anything they can for the last seven months.
They would literary do and collaborate with anyone to eliminate every civilian in Tigray.
They want Tigray without its people.
Tigrayans now are aware that the only salvation comes from TDF. Those who can, especially the youngsters are joining the Tigray Defence Force. And those who are left are expectantly waiting their Victory so thay not only the atrocities be over but also to have their referendum , and become the new African independent country.

What’s more hateful ?

After all of this, what is more hateful is calling Tigrayans as Ethiopians. For them, there is nothing awful and full of affliction than tagging that word to their citizenship. They have already despised it.
Ethiopians have normalized the starving ,mass killing ,raping of Tigrayans . In fact, they also justify every evil and inhuman things they do.
The only thread that could tie Tigrayans with Ethiopians was “religion “. But this also has already been cut . When the religious institutions supported the genocide declared on them. When monasteries churches and mosques were destroyed , they kept quiet. When nuns were raped, they kept their silence.
Ethiopia being a source of genocide and Ethiopians being the supporters and justifiers are put of the heart and mind of Tigrayans.


By Haphtu Charew

Human rights activist

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