Since the sweeping of Abiy Ahmed to power, Tigrayans have been targeted. Not by coincidence but by a deliberate and intentionally designed system. Every non- Tigrayan politician, elite, religious leader has been blaming and cursing Tigray and Tigrayans for everything that went south in the country.

In fact, right winged medias like ESAT have been killing the image of Tigrayans since their establishment day. They killed the image of Tigrayans just like what Hitler of German did to Jews.

They killed the image of Tigrayans to the point where ” harming and them physically would mean normal in the eyes of Ethiopians . That’s why we saw people (especially from Amhara region ) chanting and celebrating the brutal murder of Tigrayan political elites.
More over they associate

Prior to rhe “war”

Prior to the “war “, Abiy Ahmed used Derg generals ,some former Tplf members and enemies from Eritrea (who want to revenge )to dehumanize and demonize Tplf as a warm up to wage war.

Even prior to such obvious escalations , Tigrayans have been displaced , killed everywhere , robbed , the federal roads blocked (this was mainly committed by the “Fano”group of Amhara). The federal government did or say nothing. In fact , some ministers tried to deny it. And others were arrogantly apologists.
Those atrocities were taken as normal actions. The “Fano” and other gangs took it as a green light.
More over, many unspeakable tragedies happend against Tigrayans and thsir identity.

It is but a genocide !

Abiy and his government have gone through every every stage of genocide against Tigray.
From classification to denial. In that order, in an organized manner and system.
Everyday , civilians are brutally killed in their home town just because , with no region, over 52,ooo women and children are raped and dangerous things put in their privates, those who tried to defend are left amputated, children left without parents ,parents lost their beloved kids.

People die of man made starvation , their houses and were deliberately burnt, thousands fleed their home.
Many are in traumas.

Ironically , the Prime Minister and his officials who have been denying all it hoping the blockage of information would let them getaway with it ,which now they learned it wouldn’t , came up with another immoral thinking . That is romanticizing every tragic atrocity committed by their animal soldiers.

If all that happened on Tigray can’t be called genocide what is? Every bit of action they do is against the existence of Tigrayans. Nothing amounts to that in history.

It is all about domination and revenge

It is known that , history has it that, Tigrayans are famous for their strong resistance for their dignity. Through out history , they have been defending for what they believe in – freedom . Abiy and his allies know this. That they do whatever it takes.

Having known this, Abiy gatherd leaders and elities that he believes would collaborate with him in destroying Tplf and weaken Tigrayans. He brought Isayas ,the long time foe, and the Amharas who claim they need to regain their dominance over Ethiopian politics , reclaim lands especially western and southern part of Tigray. They also have a long time repressed hatred and revenge against Tigray like Issayas of Eritrea .And for this to succeed , they need to destroy Tplf and Tigray in general.

The dictator Issayas waged from the north , Amharas in collaboration with ENDF from western and southern part of Tigray. Tigray fell under triangular invasion.

Despite Abiy sugarcoat it as ” law enforcement ” , he used jets, tanks and UAE drones. Despite him saying that he would complete the “lwa enforcement ” with in weeks it lasted for six plus months. Despite him saying the” ‘war’ is witj Tplf criminals “, he massacred thousands of civilians , destroyed factories ,schools, health centers , religious institutions , burnt farm lands and crops, denied access to humanitarians.

The long term enemies ,Eritreans and Amhara Fano groups and militias murdered youngsters , raped women , stole their cattle and properties , forced people to flee their region etc.

This engineered extermination , broadly genocide and liquidation, is committed against Tigray because Abiy and Amharas want to dominate over Tigray. All these is happening out of the need of dominating Tigray. It seems there is no stooping it. They want to destroy all. Massacre all. They have turned out to be sadomasochists. Even now, there is no sign that Abiy will stop the war. He and Issayas are deploying fresh soldiers in to Tigray region.

Due to the long hatred of thdir bordering neighboring people ,Tigrayans are being murdered ,massacred ,exiled. And those who are not dead are not certain with what they are dealing with (humans or beasts?) Their day to day rumbling life has come to be worse than those who are dead.
Their life is worse than the ugly death.

On the watch of the world, Tigrayans are brutally exterminated . They are hunted and haunted by human like evils. Nothing amounts the suffering they are going through .

The all rounded atrocities continue to this day. Their enemies want them eliminated from the face of the earth . Would they survive this time of hell? Is there a way to get out of this labyrinth ?
Only time can tell us!


By Haphtu Charew

Human rights activist

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