July 16, 2021፡ UTNA Press Release

The Ethiopian Dictator Abiy Ahmed has been terrorizing our people since November 3, 2020 despite the international community’s calls to stop genocide and have a political solution through political dialog and gave a deaf ear to all calls and plea.
On June 28, 2021 the Ethiopian government’s army suffered a heavy damage and the capital City Mekelle of Tigray was liberated, the government troops flee to the neighboring regions and to the southern part of Tigray and claim a unilateral Cease fire to confuse the international community, while in the mean time, he cut off all gates of entrance to the region, cut off power, phones and internet, so that he can exert more damage to the people of Tigray through starvation.
The Dictatorial government of Ethiopia has mobilized all the regional especial forces and the remnants of its own military, trying to retake all the cities and areas which have been liberated and continue its race cleansing and genocide atrocities.
The government of Ethiopia is rounding all Tigrain decent from each city and municipalities out side of Tigray and lock out their businesses, forcefully, confiscate their assets, freeze their bank accounts and move them to concentration camps.
UTNA as a grass root organization have been warning the international community to take action against the Ethiopian dictator ABIY Ahmed and his ally Dictator Esayas Afeworki of Eritrea before the entire horn of Africa is immersed to unstoppable chaos and civil war.
UTNA calls the Untied Nations, United States of America, European Union, United Kingdom, Autralia, Canada and the rest of the world to take immediate action to avoid more blood shade and human suffering.
UTNA calls upon all Nations and nationalists of Ethiopia, to stop supporting the destructive government of Ethiopia and stop sending their children to fight unjust war in Tigrai. The people of Tigray never have been an enemy of any nation or nationality in Ethiopia. The evidence of it is the handling of the recent POWs who had raped Tigrain mothers, daughters, wives and pure nuns.
The people of Tigrai never aggress any one in their history, they never take any land or property forcefully from any neighboring community, never destroy any one’s property, they are just being evaded and are simply defending themselves.
The Orom people have the same wants and desires to self rule and self determination, to be educated through their own language, preserve their history and culture like the people of Tigray and they shouldn’t be fighting against each other, instead focus on the common enemy and liberate each other and the rest of Ethiopia.
UTNA also wants to call upon the Tigray people to stay firm on their stance for freedom, Justice and self determination and fight all aggressors to their destruction. UTNA will always ally it self with all peace loving and people fighting for justice and freedom.


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