NoMore to what, Ethiopia? By Amlakawit Medhin

Your words as well as your action over the past 12 + months, had made it clear you won’t say #NoMore to:
❗concentration camps for innocent
people in your cities
❗starvation as weapon of war
❗rape as a weapon of war
❗denial of life saving services
❗bombing & shelling of civilians
❗mass arrest of innocent people

So what are you saying #NoMore to?

Lies after lies, denial after denial, and fabrication of countless alternative realities are what brought us here in the first place. To mention few:
?You denied the #WarOnTigray was a war, and called it ‘ law enforcement’.
?You denied the war was against the people of Tigray.
?You denied it was a genocidal war.
?You denied Eritrean involvement
?You denied or rationalized all the atrocities
?You denied or rationalized the weaponized rape
?You denied or rationalized weaponized starvation
?You rationalized & supported denial of services and aid blockade
?You are lying , denying & rationalizing throwing tens of thousands of innocent people in concentration camps because they happen to be Tigrayans.

What did all the above lies & denials that have inflicted unimaginable suffering on us, get you? NOTHING!!! In fact they are about to destroy your country!
It is because of your leaders’ genocidal war on Tigray & your blind support of it, your country is on verge of violent disintegration now.

Instead of creating fictitious enemies called ‘the west’ or ‘the east’ and chasing after conspiracy theories, take responsibility. Face the truth head on. No external power is fighting you. In fact, the world is on your side despite all the atrocities, mass starvation & ethnic based mass arrest that had happened and continue to happen against the people of Tigray.

The only force you are facing is the collective resistance of the mothers, fathers, youth & children of Tigray whom you have condemned to extinction; but who chose that they would rather die fighting back.

Recognize that, summon the courage to face it.

Tigray is asking for no other thing than its basic right to exist. How is this too much to ask?
All else, whatever you may wish to name it , is pure distraction from the ugly truth you do not wish to face. Try to save your country the right way, say #NoMore to #TigrayGenocide, #TigrayMassArrest & #WeaponizedStarvation. Then demand dialog!

About the author:

Amlakawit Medhin is Former Research Associate at North Carolina Central University , Human rights advocated and Tigray Genocide defender.

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