By Prof: Kinfe Abraha

The report developed by the joint investigatin team conducted by Ethiopian Human Rights Commission EHRC and OHCR on the #TigrayGenocide suffers from serious methodological flaws. This was clearly stipulated on the workshop conducted by Mekelle University. The investigation team was neither independent nor transparent.

Workshop participants [prof. Kinfe Abraha]

In the workshop that was organized by MU, experts of the field have clearly elaborated that the joint investigation report of the EHRC and OHCHR on #TigrayGenocide does not meet the minimum standard for such an investigation.

The participants of the workshop agreed that the report of the JIT is an additional damage to the victims & should be nulified starting from the very beginning. It was also elaborated that such investigations should satisfy 10 principles, and the report fulfils none of them.

10 well established principles for investigations on Human Rights:

  1. Independence,
  2. Impartiality
  3. objectivity
  4. objectivity
  5. transparency
  6. integrity
  7. credibility
  8. professional ethics
  9. consistency
  10. comprehensiveness and DO NO HARM.
Participants of the workshop [ prof: kinfe abraha]

The team that reviewed the document revealed that it fulfills none of them.

Source: Prof. Kinfe Abraha


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