It is not difficult to guess what Issayas and Abiy want ultimately,  by Zemenay Bahta,

News today that Shire and Alamata have been seized by Issayas and Abiy. Needless to say, this is very disturbing news because we know what happens when invaders are in town. If the past is any guide, all the heinous crimes these forces committed last time they were in town will be repeated. That is indeed very sad.

It is not clear whether the TDF withdrew from the towns to save the civilians residents from daily aerial attacks or whether they made a stand but could not see it through. Whatever the case, it is what it is: the towns are in enemy hands.

What is next? It is not difficult to guess what Issayas and Abiy want ultimately: seize the capital, Mekelle, and declare that the war is over and go back to business as usual.

First, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that the enemies may march to Mekelle. What happens hereafter depends on what the Commanders of the TDF decide to do. In any case, one thing is certain: Abiy will find Tigray even more ungovernable than it was last time. Expect that all youth will rush to the bushes to fight as they have only two choices: stay in town and get killed or save yourself and fight for your people. So, Abiy and Issayas will find only old men and women and children in town.

Secondly, those traitors who may be salivating to administer Tigray towns should know that they will not step out from their homes without watching their back every single day. Think for a second how the Italian colonial administrators were treated during the Italian occupation. The current invaders are somewhat even worse than the Italians. The Italians were clearly invaders and were therefore hated by everybody. The current invaders come in two: a fellow co-citizen who willingly invites a foreign force to invade his own citizens. In short, a traitor who is the instrument of the invasion of his own country. How can you not resist such a shameful and treasonous group of people?

My message to those haters out there, don’t hatch your chickens before they are hatched. I am confident that the lives of invaders will be miserable because they are trying to impose their will on people who never want to see them. Time will tell, but there is no way invaders will just relax and keep killing and mistreating our people. Stop your fantasy and undestand that there is no way you can invade and live in peace, especially in Tigray where there is no history of being humiliated. Adwa tells it all!!!

Article contributed by Zemenay Bahta, Lawyer and Analyst.

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