In a horrifying escalation of violence, the combined air forces of Ethiopia and Eritrea, utilizing Turkish-made drones, have launched yet another devastating aerial attack on the historic city of Axum in Tigray. Today, at precisely 11:30 am, the peaceful skies above Axum turned into a nightmare as these Turkish-manufactured drones mercilessly targeted the city, resulting in the loss of numerous innocent lives, including children and elderly individuals.

The use of Turkish-made drones in this brutal assault adds another chilling dimension to the tragedy unfolding in Axum. These sophisticated and deadly weapons, supplied by Turkey, have been employed with utter disregard for civilian life, perpetuating a senseless cycle of violence and suffering.

As the true extent of the casualties inflicted by this callous attack continues to emerge, it is clear that the innocent residents of Axum have paid a heavy price. Reports on the ground, corroborated by reliable sources, point to a significant loss of life, although the exact numbers are still being confirmed.

The international community must respond swiftly and resolutely to this grave violation of human rights and international humanitarian law. The use of Turkish-made drones by the Ethiopian and Eritrean Air Forces in their assault on Axum is an alarming breach of trust and a betrayal of the principles that underpin responsible arms trade.

Condemnation of this abhorrent act is not enough; immediate and decisive action is required. The nations involved must be held accountable for their actions, and Turkey, as the provider of these lethal drones, must bear its share of responsibility. The international community must unite in condemning the use of such weaponry against civilians and demand transparency, accountability, and justice.

The tragic events in Axum serve as a stark reminder of the urgent need for the international community to address the devastating impact of irresponsible arms transfers. We cannot stand idly by while innocent lives are destroyed by the very weapons we allow to proliferate. The people of Tigray have endured unimaginable suffering for far too long, and it is incumbent upon the global community to take immediate action to halt these atrocities.

The lives of countless innocent civilians, including children and the elderly, depend on our collective commitment to upholding peace, justice, and the sanctity of human life. The use of Turkish-made drones in the assault on Axum demands a robust response, including diplomatic pressure, arms embargoes, and the promotion of peaceful dialogue to ensure an end to the suffering and a lasting resolution to the conflict.



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