The despicable acts of violence unleashed upon the innocent towns of Tigray by both Eritrea and Ethiopia have reached an unimaginable level of brutality. The reprehensible practice of indiscriminate shelling has become a horrifying daily occurrence, inflicting untold suffering upon the helpless residents who yearn for peace and security.

Alamata, a once-thriving community in Tigray, has tragically become a primary target for the aggressors. Following days of relentless shelling conducted by tanks, artillery, and aerial bombardment, the town has been reduced to a scene of utter devastation. The very fabric of the community has been torn apart, as homes, schools, hospitals, and vital infrastructure lie in ruins, leaving the survivors in a state of despair.

This deliberate campaign of violence, characterized by the use of drones and missile strikes in towns like Shire and Adigrat, represents a gross violation of international humanitarian law. It is nothing short of a war crime, targeting innocent civilians, including defenseless children whose lives have been cruelly cut short. The images of shattered lives and broken bodies serve as a stark reminder of the unconscionable actions perpetrated against the people of Tigray.

It is with deep dismay and outrage that the international community stands condemned for its failure to take decisive action in the face of this horrifying crisis. The silence and inaction exhibited by world leaders and global institutions is an abdication of their moral responsibility to protect innocent lives and uphold the principles of justice and human rights. The plight of Tigray demands urgent attention and immediate intervention to put an end to the relentless atrocities being committed.

Picture taken from DW, aerial bombardment of Alamata by drone in alamata.

The time for condemnation alone has long passed. The international community must step up and exert all possible pressure on the parties involved to immediately cease these heinous acts of violence. The perpetrators, whether in Eritrea or Ethiopia, must be held accountable for their actions, and justice must prevail. The lives and well-being of the people of Tigray cannot be forsaken any longer, and the international community must act swiftly to provide the necessary aid, protection, and support they so desperately need.

Anything less than an unequivocal condemnation and a resolute commitment to ending the suffering in Tigray would be a betrayal of humanity itself. The world must rise above politics and act as one to put an end to this humanitarian crisis, ensuring that such horrors are never repeated, and that the perpetrators are brought to justice. The people of Tigray deserve no less

Victim child from drone attack in Alamata.

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