“Beasts DO NOT know mercy; we are beasts!” said the Eritrean troops!
Day 183: TigrayWarRapeVictims WeaponizedRape

The Amhara militia ransacked everything this Tigrayan household possessed & forced them out of Western #Tigray empty-handed.

This family had to endure an arduous trek towards other parts of Tigray fearing for their lives. They walked for days in search of a safe place and decided to take refuge in one small town of North-Western Tigray.

Then, the Eritrean troops started shelling the town with artilleries and this family had to flee from the town to the villages.

After some days, this young lady and her mom returned to the town to collect clothes for the baby she was carrying on her back. At the time they fled from the town, they didn’t have anything for the baby and had to go back and collect some when they thought the shelling had ended – never did they expect the Eritrean troops were already roaming at the town.

A group of troops rounded up the two women, the mother, and her daughter [with her 5-months-old baby on her back]. And they ordered the young lady to put her baby on the ground and for her mother to pick the grandson.

The mother begged the Eritrean troops that it had been only a few months since her daughter gave birth to the baby and her daughter’s body did not recover well.

Then, the Eritrean troops replied, “why did you flee from the town, to begin with? You considered us to be beasts. Now, you have to keep quiet; beasts DO NOT know mercy; we are beasts!”

Then, three Eritrean soldiers separated this young #Tigrayan lady from her mother; threw her 5-months-old baby from her back; ordered the grandma to pick the baby; and gang-raped the young lady in front of her mother.

What does the UN Women say? Where is justice?
Why is Abiy Ahmed Ali allowed to do this much cruelty to the people of Tigray?


But why?

Are you still in the mood of “Deeply concerned, concerned, worried”?

By Gebremeskel Gebremariam

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