In the first week of April, Abiy Ahmed has publicly said that the reason why he can’t eliminate the Tigrayan Defense forces (TDF) in his three months of military operation is that the TDF forces are mingled with the farmers and started moving from one place to another place. By this, he was legitimizing the indiscriminate massacre of innocent farmers across different districts in Tigray.Yesterday afternoon, 11 April 2021, the Ethiopian soldiers have stoned 10 farmers to death in a place called Mai Haidi (ማይ ሃይዲ). These farmers were carrying a new mother, who recently given birth to a baby, from DaEreta (ዳዕሬታ) to Adi Gudem (ዓዲ ጉደም) clinic. Family members we spoke to on the ground said that they were not allowed to bury the bodies of the victims. Today afternoon, 12 April 2021, Ethiopian soldiers have shot 14 farmers inside their homes in the southern part of Tigray in a village called Higum Birda (ሕጉም ብርዳ).
By Desta Haileslassie


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