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Tigray State Council, in its 7th extraordinary session held today, has authorized the Regional State to conduct election in accordance with its constitutional duties.

The Council emphasized that the election should be held with high care and responsibility amidst the Corona Virus pandemic having utilized previous experiences.

The Council also rejected the constitutional violations by the Ethiopian House of Federation in putting off national election under the pretext of COVID 19 pandemic.

The postponement of Parliamentary and Regional elections at country level which was previously scheduled for August 2020 due to Corona Virus outbreak is vividly constitutional violation, the state council underscored.

Despite the nationwide postponement of election, the Council validated that the election should proceed in Tigray Regional State to safeguard the rights of the people of Tigray who had sacrificed to ensure their democratic and fundamental rights.

The State Council also highlighted to send a formal inquiry to the Ethiopian National Elections Board so that it could lend a hand in facilitating the election.

The President of Tigray Regional State Debretsion Gebremichael (PhD) who participated in the Council’s seventh extraordinary session emphasized the need to make overall preparations as this election is quite different from the previous ones.

This election differs from the previous ones for it will conduct amidst COVID 19 pandemic, take place at a time where there is constitutional violation and when the country is under the dread of disintegration.

The current scenario is pretty different from the normal situations as the team in power has been working restlessly to take the country back to where it was some thirty years ago, he added.

He also urged all Tigrians to join hands and strengthen their unison in a bid to defend any imposition upon them and the region.

It is known that according to Proclamation number 1162/2011 Article 7 (1) the National Electoral Board has an obligation to oversee elections every five years.

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