The death of Hacaaluu Hundessaa has left many security forces and civilians to death from violence. The Ethiopian government is the first suspect behind the assassination of the Oromo public figure Artist Hacaaluu who was prominent oromo nationalist. One of the Premise that inclines to the Ethiopian government for the murder is, the government imprisoned Jawar Mohammed, a prominent activist who turned into politician to join the Oromo federal Congress (OFC) Party. Not only Jawar but also Abbo bekelle Gerba member of OFC including other 35 from Oromo media network (OMN) has been imprisoned in the pretext of broadcasting the protest Live. OMN has been one of the strong media criticizing the Government of prime Minister Aby Ahmed next to Dimtsi Weyane Television (DW TV) in Tigray. After the death of Artist Hacaaluu, OMN Journalists are in prison and the media is closed. Similarly, DW TV studio located in the capital, Adisabeba is Shut down by the Government. This is not the first time to see Aby Ahmed closing medias, right after he came to power he Closed Ethiopian News network (ENN media) for being voice of the voiceless. The main reason of murdering the artist is to capture Jawar and to close his media OMN.

Another suspect behind the murder next to Aby Ahmed could be Egypt and President Esayas Afewerki. Regarding GERD dam Egypt wants Ethiopia to be unstable, for that matter to incite violence among the states, Ethiopians all not to unite over the dam could be the reasons of the murder by Egypt. Apparently more than 100 deaths have been reported by the government but people say minimum of 3 hundred have died since the tragedy including military personnel, federal police and special police forces.  The Dictator president for life, Isaias Afewerki wants to see Ethiopia disintegrated. When Aby come to power immediately he befriended with the notorious Assassin presedint Isayas. since that time Ethiopia has not been stable for a while. Engineer Simegnew, Manager of the GERD has been shot dead no justice was given to the prosecutors, Chief of staff General Seare Has been shot dead by his Guard no one knows the whereabouts of the Assassin. All these deaths come after president Isayas become the counselor of Aby Ahmed which led Ethiopia to be a failed state, the ultimate desire of President Isayas.


By Guanshe Hadgu

Lecturer at Mekelle university. MSc degree in chemical and process engineering from Bologna University, Italy. Interested in Ethiopian politics

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