The Oromo youth should join OLF army, led by Jalmaro to protect their lives and overthrow the damn Nobel prize laureate fake doctor.

Jalmaro, OLF army leader

Addisu Asfaw, who was killed by govt soldiers

“Addisu Asfaw depicted above gunned down by government soldiers and killed yesterday in Gimbi, West Walaga. His brother Yohannis was also shot but survived and in critical condition at hospital.” Jawar Mohammed

PP party who believe himself as a legitimate government of Ethiopia which is not, is torturing the Oromo people. The party come to power through violence. Now it could not answer all the people’s demand of democracy, job opportunity, freedom of speech, the right to self-rule and self-determination of states. Instead, whoever comes with the above questions is believed to be against the existence of the party in power, for that matter anyone who raises such questions is being detained and sent to prison. Specially in Oromia people are being shot dead in broad daylight. The clownish Nobel prize laureate has apparently showed his dictatorship aired on the state television Ethiopia broadcasting corporation. What he warned on the state Television is executing it now.

A mother found Her son shot dead while he was ready to get married soon. A farmer whose body crippled by security forces also lost his wife, she was found shot dead while working in agricultural field. now the farmer left helpless with his three children. A prominent social media activist Jawar Mohammed has his say on the mass killings as follows “Here are two cases of relatives killed in April which I have verified.

1) Malka Badhaso Gada Age: 38 father of two ( 4 and 1 year old) Date Killed: April 16, 2020 Place Killed: East Shawa Zone, Bosat District, Xaddacha & Hadhecha kebele. In the morning of April 16, they came to his home and took him to Bosat district police station. In the afternoon they took him out and killed him. His body was found with bullet wound to head and marks of torture on rest of his body.

2) Abebe Irko Gada Age 28. Date Killed: April 16, 2020 Place Killed: East Shawa Zone, Bosat district, Xaddacha & Hadhecha Kebele When he saw they were arresting and beating his cousin he ran away from them. They chased him. Later, his body was found in the jungle with his hands and legs tied and his body pierced with bullets. Note: The location where these two cousins were killed is only 30 KM from Adama. It has no security problem. No insurgency. These are only the verified reports among which there are countless mass killings, imprisonment, and harassment of human life.

All the state media has no gut to criticize the government and the murders happening all over Oromia. Instead they are airing fake documentary against the omnipotent state, Tigray which the prime minister was unable to intervene on it. Not because he is not interested to disrupt the state like others, but he has no power to do so. Once he sent an Antonov to kidnap the core officials from Tigray like what he did in Somali state, to capture the former president of Somali, Abdy Ely who is still in prison. But that trial on Tigray has been failed, the missionaries on board of the aircraft has been all encircled by Tigray special police force after they landed on Alula Abanega international airport and all surrendered for a days, after receiving an advice they were sent back freely.

 Now what should the Oromo people do? The illegitimate govt has no interest to make negotiations with opponents rather it is becoming so cruel and unable to keep the right of humans to live, to oppose and express their ideas freely. This incidence is very similar like what the Dergue was doing for Tigray people which led the start of the armed struggle of TPLF against the dergue. Likewise, the Oromo youth should join OLF, led by Jal maro army to protect their lives and overthrow the damn Nobel prize laureate fake doctor.


By Guanshe Hadgu

Lecturer at Mekelle university. MSc degree in chemical and process engineering from Bologna University, Italy. Interested in Ethiopian politics

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