UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres addressing the media today at the Security Council stakeout on the «situation in #Tigray».

? The situation in Ethiopia?? is #spiraling out of control.
? Violence and #destruction have reached alarming level.
? The Social fabric is being ripped apart.
? Hostilities in the Tigray region must end now, including the immediate #withdrawal and #disengagement of Eritrean?? armed forces from Ethiopia.
? There is no Military solution to this problem.
? Civilians are paying #horrific prices.
? Indiscriminate #attacks including in residential areas are killing more innocent people everyday, damaging critical infrastructure.
? Disturbing accounts of sexual violence & other forms of #brutality against women, children & women.
? The level of #humanitarian needs is staggering.
? Even before the resumption of hostilities, 13 million people required humanitarian aid in Amhara, Afar, and Tigray.
? The is UN is ready to support the #AU to end this nightmare.
? The international community must rally together now for peace.


Will the international community act to stop the ongoing Tigray genocide?

The people in Tigray are suffering for more than 2 years.



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