GSTS calls the International Community to Take Swift Measures on the Renewed Massive Eritrean Aggression on Tigray,

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Call for International Community to Take Swift Measures on the Renewed Massive Eritrean Aggression on Tigray

The Global Society of Tigray Scholars and Professionals (GSTS) is deeply dismayed by the silence and inaction of the International Community (IC) with regard to the renewed Eritrean massive aggression on Tigray that started officially on the 1st of September 2022. It is unfortunate that the IC has catastrophically failed to learn from its inaction at the start of the Tigray war two years ago. The IC also failed to pay heed to GSTS statements (dated 17th and 24th August 2022) warning about the large-scale military build-up and provocations by both Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF) and Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) in areas bordering Tigray and take preventive action.

It is heart-breaking to learn that once again Eritrean forces, in tandem with the ENDF, have launched a coordinated, multipronged, and massive military offensive on Northwestern Tigray and on other fronts. This aggression is part of the intensification of the genocidal war that, in violation of the 5-month humanitarian truce, was reignited by the ENDF, Amhara Special Forces, and Fano on the 26th of August in Southern Tigray.

As if the ongoing suffering and large-scale death of the people of Tigray due to mass starvation, lack of medicine, and other basic services resulting from the protracted and brutal siege over the past two years is not enough, Tigray is again under a devastating war from all corners, encircled by the vicious allied forces. Renewed and all-out war has already resulted in the interruption of the trickling flow of humanitarian aid and exacerbated the catastrophic humanitarian situation affecting more than seven million Tigrayan people.

This is undoubtedly the largest and worst war in the world today occurring out of sight of the international media and the destruction and causalities resulting from it will unquestionably skyrocket, expediting the genocidal discourse that continues to frame this war.

It is well documented by the international community that throughout the initial phase of the ongoing Tigray war, Eritrean forces committed the worst atrocities including extra judiciary killings, weaponized sexual violence, and rape; destruction of infrastructure, livelihoods, looting of private and public properties, and industries, all amounting to war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. EDF also continues to illegally occupy sizable areas of Tigray. These atrocities happened and continue to happen with total impunity under the full watch of the United Nations (UN) and IC. The UN and the IC at large also failed miserably at stopping Eritrea’s intransigence, meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia and neighbouring countries, and destabilising the Horn of Africa subregion. The Eritrean regime’s antipathy to the democratic world order is also clearly seen by its recent official diplomatic support for Russia in its invasion of Ukraine and Chinese aggression toward Taiwan.

Unless urgent and concerted measures are taken by the UN and the International Community at large to stop the renewed aggression by the Eritrean forces, any infiltration of the EDF and its allies to Tigray territories will lead to mass killings and the complete destruction of Tigray-thus allowing the allied forces to finish their genocidal programme. Sitting idly allowing Eritrea to continue its deadly role in the war on Tigray is akin to giving it license to continue committing its barbarous crimes on the civilian population.

In light of these alarming developments in the region, the GSTS calls on the UN, US, EU, and its member states, the UK, and all other global leaders to:

  1. Immediately stop the war and bring the Ethiopian Federal and Tigray Governments to the negotiation table by pulling all levers of pressure on the Ethiopian Government to immediately lift the medieval siege, resume basic services; enact immediate, unconditional, and verifiable withdrawal of all invading forces from Tigray; and allow independent investigation and accountability;
  2. Take concrete measures against the Eritrean Government to immediately stop its offensive on Tigray and withdraw all its forces from all territories of Tigray;
  3. Ensure unfettered flow of humanitarian aid using alternative routes and mechanisms to land transportation, including airdrop of food aid and other essential ingredients indispensable for survival to save the lives of the over seven million of the Tigray population;
  4. Impose an immediate arms embargo on both Ethiopia and Eritrea and prevail on countries supplying weapons including armed drones and hold them to account;
  5. Prevail on the Ethiopian government to allow international media to report on the war and humanitarian disaster in Tigray, to ensure global response and documentation of the atrocities.

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