Eritrea confirms it has launched a new offensive on Tigray

Eritrean Ambassador to Kenya Amb. Beyene Russom(, writing on his official Twitter account, talked of what he called “inevitable victory for Eritrea’s defence forces and the people of Eritrea”, adding that it is the final war to cleanse Tigrayans.


The Eritrean Ambassador boasted that Tigrayans will not be allowed a second chance to repeat their multiple blunders as before.


The Ethiopian army and Eritrean forces have today morning launched massive four-pronged offensive in the Adyabo area of Northwestern Tigray.


This coordinated, massive offensive is accompanied by heavy shelling from Adi Goshu.


Tigray’s Military Command said the enemy, having already relocated a massive military force to Eritrea, has now begun a joint campaign with the foreign invading force of Eritrea to brutalize and exterminate the people of Tigray.


It also indicated that the Ethiopian army has continued with the offensive it launched yesterday August 31, 2022 from Sekota in the direction of Abergele.


Tigray’s Military Command( in a statement added that the enemy has been making repeated attempts to break through in the Southern Front.


The statement indicated that the enemy, having rebuffed all peace overtures, deploying extraordinarily large regular and irregular force, partnering with a foreign force and using Ethiopia’s wealth, has begun a full-scale war.


“Even doing everything in its power and using every resource at its disposal, it will not succeed. The enemy, having mistaken our commitment to peace and patience for weakness, is drunk with arrogance. Without a doubt, this conceit will be punctured,” it stressed.


Tigray’s Military Command stated that the joint military adventure will be reversed.

Via Tigray Media House(TMH News)


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