Ethiopia relocating bodies from Western Tigray after failure to block UN investigation fund. The Prime News (April 5, 2022)

The gov’t of Ethiopia is rushing to move bodies from western Tigray where thousands of ethnic Tigrayans are thought to have been massacred. The Ethiopian regime, Amhara regional forces including Fanno militia massacred tens of thousands of Tigrayans in Western Tigray & buried them in mass graves and throw some of the bodies to river found float in Sudan as CNN international uncovers the reports with sophisticated investigation in last year.

When the United Nations assigned investigators (special rapporteurs), The Ethiopian regime trying to call for blocking the fund for the investigation. When an independent investigation is called the dictatorial regime and its allies reject it all the time it is because they knew what they did. The UN General Assembly rejected their request and decided to fund the investigation.

When the United Nations assigned investigators are about to start an investigation, the Ethiopian government and Amhara regional government started digging out the human remains and relocating the remains to destroy and tamper with evidence.

According to global news net, Tigrayan advocacy groups believe that Ethiopian and Amhara authorities are deliberately moving the bodies to unknown places ahead of the UN investigation to destroy evidence regarding atrocities committed in Western Tigray, including massacres, and are calling for the international community to act and stop it.

“The #Ethiopian/Amhara Authorities are busy destroying tell-tale evidence of their genocidal campaign against Tigrayans by churning out dramas after dramas aimed at blaming the victim and lionizing the villain. Evidence is never in short supply of course. Their crimes were flaunted in public as a badge of honor. No amount of poorly written drama aimed at destroying evidence is going to change the reality in the face of an Independent inquiry into their crimes. As Secretary Rumsfeld once quipped, the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.” Getachew Reda, the spokes person for the government of Tigray posted on Twitter.

The Tigray war broke in November 2020 when Ethiopia’s army, backed by Eritrean and Somalia national armies and troops from all Ethiopian regional states invade Tigray named as “law and order operation” attempted to remove the TPLF ruled government of Tigray after successful regional election. The 17-month-old war has been marked by extreme brutality, including the use of rape and hunger as weapon of war, and extra judicial killings of civilians in Tigrayans. The conflict has left more than 500, 000 dead according to Ghent university, more than 70,000 civilians forced to flee their homes to Sudan, hundreds of thousands internally displaced and affected by starvation, according to the United Nations.

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