CNN hero Freweyni Mebrahtu, Speaks out about Tigray Genocide on her official twitter, “I was born and raised in Tigray. I know it well. I have just left the Tigray Region having seen what is taking place, and I feel that I must speak out. My heart is broken. Civilians in Tigray are being killed. Girls and women are being raped.”

She added “Places of worship are being attacked. Clinics, universities, and factories have been looted and destroyed. Of a population of 6 million, more than 4.5 million people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.”

These are not rumors, she said on her social media as , they are hard truths, widely reported in objective news media such as the BBC , Al-Jazeera and etc. Although I cannot do much personally, I can bear witness and amplify the voices of those who are enduring unimaginable suffering. Help the people of Tigray!

This is a humanitarian crisis that begs for the world’s attention. Innocent civilians are suffering through no fault of their own. Time is short and time is precious. Please speak out now. Freweyni Finally begged to the international society so as to act on the atrocity happening in Tigray.

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