Total medically confirmed rape cases from 5 institutions.

  1. Ayder 44 cases. 25 are under 18.
  2. Mekele hospital 52
  3. Wukro 7
  4. Adigrat 22
  5. MSF HOLLAND 8. 5 in shire And 3 from around shire in outreach services.
  6. Mother and daughter from Adigrat
  7. Husbands taken/ imprisoned and wife raped in Wukro.
  8. Grandfather ordered to rape his grand daughter and he refused so was killed, the girl raped, with forearm amputations and incontinent
  9. Nuns raped in Wukro
  10. A lot of cases 4 – 10 year olds

This is the tip of the iceberg.

From Heaven Birhanu

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