In 3 minutes video, Samrawit asked three major questions:
“1. Is allowing 3% of aid in (meaning still blocking 97%) really progress?
2. Can we really trust the government who created the problem to be the one to solve it?

3. Why does our standard of humanity look one way for some people and another way for others?” for the international community by explaining how catastrophic the humanitarian situation in Tigray is.

As BBC reported, the largest referral hospital in Ethiopia’s Tigray has stopped working due to lack of medicines and power outages, as the medical director of the hospital told the BBC.

“Now there is no electricity in Tigray, and we have stopped producing oxygen,” he added.

Doctors in the hospital had been working without pay for more than a year and could not support themselves or their families.

Tigray has been under a de facto blockade for 18+ months, according to the UN, with many people in need of medical treatment dying due to a lack of medicine and starvation.

Among those at risk of death due to lack of medicines and proper medical services were medical professionals at the hospital, according to sources from the hospital.
Taken from BBC report,

The Prime News


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