The victory of operation Alula Aba Nega, a counter offensive launched by the Tigrayan Forces against the Ethiopian military and its allies in Tigray, is amongst the recent miraculous phenomena that testify the solidarity, perseverance, and victoriousness of Tigrayans.
May be an image of text that says 'Martin Plaut @martinplaut 7h Extraordinary: Operation Alula was launched on 18 June. Just 10 days later the TDF captured Mekelle. Ryan O'Farrell @ryanmofar... 1d A very rough and unconfirmed picture of the TDF's "Operation Alula" and where the TDF has made advances Red Red areas are woreda listed as inaccessible by OCHA, indicating TDF control and heavy fighting as of May 31 (doesn't include all inaccessible woreda) GlanzER'
The operation, named after the Tigrayan African general Ras Alula AbaNega, launched on 18 June 2021, was a turning point in the genocidal war in Tigray that is the game since then was totally changed.
As has been repeatedly applauded by the giant international media, the operation has liberated the majority territory of Tigray, including #Mekelle, the seat for the government of the regional state.
As to higher military officials of the Tigrayan forces, the victory of Alula operation has totally changed the way the world sees Tigray. According to them, the victory is the outcome of the collective action of the people of Tigray, the Tigrayan forces and their leadership.
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It was and is an open secret that all Tigrayans, irrespective of where they may be, have played their own share in the fight against the Ethiopian Army and its allies.
The role of the veteran fighters known to be highly equipped with deep rooted military science is a noteworthy point in this regard.

What Abiy administration and his partner in crime came with evil plan and the associated crimes, Starvation as a tool of WAR. They want to achieve victory by using starvation as a means of war strategy. They want to wipe out and perish the whole population of Tigray by using hunger as a means of ‘SILENT KILLING’.
Tigray has been under complete siege for more than six hundred days

  • No Telephone & Internet
  • No Water & Food
  • No Bank services
  • No Electricity  
  • No Fuel & Transportation access  
  • No Drug Supply  
  • No Hospital servicesDWT-English, Hahu Prime,

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