As the summer season approaches, the IDPs in Tigray are raising their voices in some parts of Tigray, demanding immediate attention from the international community. Their demands center around key issues crucial to their well-being and safety. They call for the return of IDPs to their homes, the withdrawal of Amhara and Eritrean forces from Tigray, the resumption of aid for the region, and the fulfillment of the Pretoria agreement. These survivors of genocide urge influential actors such as the United States, the United Nations, the European Union, and regional organizations to hear their pleas and take action to address the ongoing crimes against humanity in Tigray.

Demand 1: #ReturnIDPs to their homes

The IDPs emphasize the urgent need to return to their homes and rebuild their lives. Displaced by the conflict, they deserve the opportunity to regain their sense of security, reclaim their livelihoods, and reunite with their families. Facilitating their safe return is essential to restoring stability and harmony in the region.

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Demand 2: #AmharaOutOfTigray

The presence of Amhara forces in Tigray continues to perpetuate human rights abuses and instability. The IDPs demand the immediate withdrawal of these forces to restore peace and ensure the safety of all residents. Removing external influences is crucial for the region’s healing and the prevention of further violence.

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Demand 3: #ResumeAidForTigray

The IDPs highlight the critical need to resume humanitarian aid efforts in Tigray. Access to food, water, medical supplies, and other essential resources is vital for the survival and well-being of those affected by the conflict. Resuming aid operations will alleviate suffering and contribute to the region’s recovery.

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Demand 4: #EritreaOutOfTigray

The IDPs stress the necessity of Eritrean forces withdrawing from Tigray. Their presence has resulted in widespread human rights violations and atrocities. Ending Eritrea’s involvement is crucial for justice, stability, and the healing process.

Demand 5: #ComplyPretoriaAgreement

The IDPs stress the importance of Ethiopia’s government complying with the Pretoria agreement. The agreement outlines key provisions for peace and stability in the region, including the withdrawal of foreign forces and the establishment of a conducive environment for the safe return of IDPs to their homes. The IDPs call for the Ethiopian government to fulfill its obligations under the agreement to facilitate lasting peace in Tigray.

The IDPs direct their appeals to influential global actors, including the United States, the United Nations, the European Union, and regional organizations. They implore these entities to listen to their voices and take decisive action in response to the ongoing crisis in Tigray. The survivors of genocide deserve the support and assistance of the international community in their pursuit of justice, peace, and the fulfillment of their fundamental rights.

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The Tigray Protests, characterized by the demands of IDPs, serve as a powerful reminder of the urgent need for action and support for the displaced individuals in Tigray. The calls to #ReturnIDPs, #AmharaOutOfTigray, #ResumeAidForTigray, #EritreaOutOfTigray, and #ComplyPretoriaAgreement resonate with the aspirations of those affected by the conflict. It is essential for the international community, including influential actors such as the United States, the United Nations, the European Union, and regional organizations, to heed their pleas and take decisive steps to bring an end to the atrocities, facilitate the safe return of IDPs, and ensure the fulfillment of the Pretoria agreement. Let us stand in solidarity with the survivors of genocide, amplify their voices, and work collectively to restore peace, justice, and stability in Tigray. Together, we can create a future where the rights and well-being of all individuals in Tigray are respected and protected. #ListenToSurvivors #StandWithTigray.


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