The War Waged on Oromo, Tigray, Agaw, Kemant and Benshangul-Gumuz Is a War Waged on the Entire Federalist Forces In Ethiopia By Amhara Elites and Vindictive #Eritrean Dictator,
The current illegally clinging to power PM Abiy Ahmed’s Amhara expansionist regime and his vindictive ally- the Eritrea’s despotic dictator inspired war on empire’s various federalist forces has begun in late 2018 following the claimed assassination attempt on colonel Abiy Ahmed by unidentified bogyman. The regime and Amhara elites’ maneuvered medias did not take time to put the blames on Oromo affiliated liberation fronts. Eventually, they have ascribed the crime to the entire Oromo nation and Oromo vilifying project ensued in entire Oromia.

To the contrary, there are credible evidence showing that, Amhara elites’ led apparatuses from the palace send well trained and purpose driven assassins to various regions to kill innocent people, and put the blame Oromo, Sidama or other federalist forces of various nations with focus on Oromo. In Sidama for instance, the indicated assassins with then Region’s (SNNPR) police personnel have killed over 67 Sidama and others over 17 civilians in June 2018 and put the blame on Sidama Ejjeetto and subsequently imprisoned hundreds of them. The hunting campaign of Oromo youth organised under the famous names ‘Qeerroo’ was intensified as was the case with the Sidama Ejjeetto, Agaw, Kemant and Benshangul-Gumuz people.

Tens of thousands of Oromo Qeerroo/Qaarree, Sidama Ejjeetto and both Oromo and Sidama political leadership and civilians were put behind bars. High profile Oromo nationalists including Hacaalu Hundessa and numerous others were identified to become the subjects of premeditated and meticulously planned assassinations. High-profile Oromo politicians including OLF and ODF leadership were alleged for committing crimes they were remotely involved to be eventually put behind bars. Similarly, the same Amhara elites inspired state machineries masterminded crimes are underway in Kemant, Agaw, Konso, and Benshangul. These all were stage managed by Amhara elites who are currently waging a full-scale war on the indicated nations, but one.

Anti-Oromo campaign also has taken another twist and turn when Amhara elites’ manipulated Medias made the Oromo nation and federalist forces vilifying campaign their daily headlines. Amhara activists’ hatred blinded thugs repeatedly went on public rally in the Oromia capital Finfinnee (also used as an Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa)- publicly demanding the executions or arrests of the Oromo politicians including Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba in addition to demanding the executions of various high profile OLF’s leadership who remain behind bars since June 29,2020’s assassination of the Oromo’s pop singer and freedom icon Hacaalu Hundessa. The activists of Amhara elites internationally promote violence as means of ensuring the continuity of the empire thereby the superiority of the Amhara elites. In the contrary, none of these natures of violence were promoted by all nations of the empire but by the Amhara elites.

Furthermore, these ill-intentioned elites also garnered the support of uninformed mass of various nations and nationalities of the Empire- who hardly assert what the Amhara elites are up to -to naively follow them in conspiring against the Oromo and Tigray elites, politicians, and the wider nation. These less informed naïve groups of various nations and nationalities of the empire take Amhara elites’ propaganda at its’ face value to erroneously assert and consider the Oromo, Tegaru and other federalist nations as destructive forces in Ethiopia that must be rather destroyed. By doing so, the Amhara elites masterminded campaign put the Oromo, Tegaru and various affected nations under spotlight and constant surveillance although these nations are asserting their rightful rights to self-determination with the sacrifices of their heroes and heroines.

Ethiopia PM gives Tigray 72 hour ultimatum to surrender | News | DW |  22.11.2020

Amhara elite’s blindly navigated apparatuses of the empire use various names by wearing the mask of Ethiopian unity as their disguise whilst moving toward their delusional dream of expanding of their imperial territory. We can therefore argue that Abiy’s dictatorial regime become the elites’ loyal messenger that works day and night to help these elites to achieve their expansionist projects using various pretexts; and for him to become the 7th king of the empire.
More essentially, the Oromo’s EPRDF’s cadres including Abiy Ahmed and his associates in crimes against humanity- who were part and parcel of Oromo dehumanising EPRDF’s regime and its apparatuses have changed their outfits to come up with different names allying themselves with Amhara elites operating from the PM’s palace to further dehumanize Oromo and all the federalist forces. After the attempted resurrection of the Amhara elites – using the infamous slogan of ‘Returning Ethiopia to Her Former Glory’; Amhara affiliated hullaballoo continued with blind support of their inapt PM whose slogan became synonymous with theirs. The war waged on the indicated nations therefore is the war declared and waged on various nations who stand on their path hindering them from achieving their ambitions on territorial expansion thus it is not the war waged on Oromo, Agaw, Benshangul, Kemant and Tigray alone.

The Ethiopia’s former glory for various subjugated nations and nationalities in Ethiopia is a reminder of slavery, subjugation, abject poverty and indignity, memory of collective anguish, suffering and their dehumanisation by successive Amhara elites dominated regimes who have all traded by the names of Ethiopian unity and glory. The former Ethiopian glory to Oromo, Sidama, Ogadenia, Agaw, Benshangul Gumuz, Afar, Gedeo, Wolyta, Tegaru and various nations and peoples in Ethiopia is the reminder of their collective memory of depersonalisation and dehumanisation. But nothing else!!

To make the situation extricate and worst; Amhara and Amharinised subservient elites who were chased out of the country following the fall of Derg’s brutal regime in 1991 returned to the empire following the political change of early 2018. They returned with vengeance- and their educated illiteracy, unprecedented level of immorality; backward and rusted beliefs on the meaning of Ethiopia and being a true Ethiopian; obdurate attitudes and assertion on a peaceful coexistence in multi-ethnic Ethiopia and with their deep-seated hatred of the concept of nations rights to self-determination. These groups vehemently detest the Ethiopia’s supreme law (Constitution) that guarantees nations and nationalities rights to self-determination.

The indicated interest groups with their immoral collaborators of the Oromo, Sidama and the pariahs of various nations of the empire have forged marriage of convenience with the Amhara elites that aspire to reduce the positions of their own nations to the level of slavery. These groups have forged an unholy alliance with the elites that is potentially digging grave for the empire they think are working to resurrect.

The indicated traitors with Amhara elites led federal regime have also ensured the Oromo youth (Qeerroo), the Sidama youth Ejjeetto, Benshangul Gumuz, Agaw, Konso, Kemant and other peoples are all effectively disabled and denied rights to democratic movements and deciding on their own affairs. They are working to obliterate the identities of nations and nationalities to rule over them using the pretext of Ethiopian unity and sovereignty.

The War in Oromia remains intensifying since the indicated assassination of the Amhara King (PM-Abiy Ahmed) in mid-2018 and to date the war is wreaking havoc. The sons and daughters Oromo become the subjects of ongoing public executions in West Wolaga, Gujii zones, West and East Harargie zones. The Oromo civilians are executed day out day in as they are alleged of supporting OLA and or sympathising of their causes. Therefore, Amhara expansionist elites’ project in Oromia and wider empire is intensifying under the pretext of defending Ethiopia.

Kemant, Agaw and Benshangul Gumuz people are also continually vilified as crimes against humanity unfolds in their respective regions. Thousands were executed in these regions since late 2018 by Abiy’s and Amhara army and security apparatuses. Over 176 Sidama civilians were summarily executed in their capital Hawassa and throughout the Sidama region on July 18 and 19, 2019, following the Sidama’s peaceful demonstration of regime’s denial of their rights to a regional statehood. Death toll in Sidama within 16 months after Abiy has assumed power is over 247 and the number has exceeded the death toll that was recorded during EPRDF’s 27 year’s rules. This is the case in Oromia, Tigray and elsewhere in the empire. The PM and his Amhara and Eritrean advisers are wreaking havoc to cause cataclysmic disaster in the empire.

A Tigrayan fighter is escorted by people on a street as he returns to Mekelle, the capital of the region, on June 29, 2021. AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Furthermore, the War that was waged by the indicated interest groups and the crimes against humanity committed on Tegaru is gravely concerning and revolting the peoples of the world. Humanitarians are trying to come to the term that how the so called the leader/s of the country invite foreign forces to attack their own people and commit crimes against humanity as Eritrea is fully involved in Tigray war that has totally decimated the entire Tigray to cause incalculable damages to humanity further causing severe material costs. The war waged on Tegaru, therefore is a continuation of a War that was ongoing in Oromia, Benshangul Gumuz, Kemant, Agaw, and briefly was in Sidama and Konso since mid-2018.

Due to the indicated irrefutable facts, supporting the war that Amhara elites waging on the federated nations of Tigray, Oromia, Benshangul Gumuz, Agaw, Kemant is morally indefensible, intellectually unacceptable, and politically suicidal. Federalist forces in Ethiopia must ensure and stand their ground to reject the current calls of Amhara elites to join the territorial expansion war in the indicated states. Federalist forces must join the war that is only worth fighting for; and they must fight for their own survival and asserting of their collective future. They should join all the federalist forces to be able to bring about a lasting solution for lingering malice of the empire. Therefore, federalist forces must aim for asserting their both collective and individual rights under the current constitutional framework that guarantees these rights.

Federalist forces must also understand the current war declared by Amhara elites on Tigray, Oromia, Agaw, Kemant, Benshagul-Gumuz and elsewhere in the empire is indeed the war declared and waged on entire federalist forces in Ethiopia.

Special Edition: Failed politics and deception: Behind the crisis in  western and southern Oromia - Addis Standard

Special Edition: Failed politics and deception: Behind the crisis in western and southern Oromia – Addis Standard

Forging an alliance for fighting the Amhara expansionist forces in Ethiopia therefore should not be considered as a strategic alliance. It is and should be mandatory. It must be an alliance that is based on principle and mutual short- and long-term benefits. A war the Amhara elites and its federalist regime are waging on the indicated nations is a war the federalist forces must fight in unison. The victory of federalist forces in the current war is the victory that guarantees the building of better future for nations’ national identities.

In the contrary, Amhara elites’ inspired war aims at reversing thus-far achieved success although little – in the aspects of nations rights to self-rule and rights to realising own identity within the framework of Ethiopian ethnic federalism. A call for all federalist forces to join hand in hand and stand shoulder to shoulder to fight in unison against the rising Amhara elites’ fascism is urgent and pressing.

Tigray Defense Force, TDF celebrating,

Therefore, the recent deal struck between OLA, TDF, ALF, BLF and various fronts fighting expansionists is a genuine and principal solidarity of federalist forces in Ethiopia that must be joined in, applauded, promoted, sustained, and consolidated for the federated nations to be able to peacefully coexist if the empire survives; and peacefully coexist as good neighbors if these short-sighted Amhara elites become hellbent on pushing with their obdurate beliefs on that potentially disintegrates the empire.

By Denboba Natie,

August 21, 2021


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