The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights report is fraught with a number of problems said Getachew Reda, Tigray Government spokesperson and TPLF Executive member.

Getachew said on Twitter as follows, ” We have heard that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is announcing her report on human rights abuses in Tigray. Whatever its ‘findings’, the report is fraught with a number of problems. “

Here are the fundamental reasons why he and his government rejects the report,

1. The investigation didn’t cover all of the heinous crime spots in Tigray.

2. the investigation didn’t involve all the stakeholders. Hardly any effort was made to reach out to the Government of Tigray. In the case of some of the spots such as May Kadra, it clearly took everything Amhara authorities did say lock, stock & barrel.
3. The involvement of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, EHRC as a partner in the investigation is an affront to the notion of impartiality. EHRC simply read verbatim Abiy’s talkin points. Whatever its substance, the methodology was so flawed it’d only soil the reputation of OHCHR who did try their best to remain true to their ideals.

While we commend representatives of OHCHR for trying to expose the crimes of the axis of evil in Tigray- Abiy, Isaias & Amhara forces- the fact that they chose to hold onto a faulty methodology and and a wrong partner was simply a disservice to their cause.

Getachew Reda, Spokesperson of Tigray Government,

US expelling #Ethiopia from AGOA Trade program in response to human rights violation. Termination on 01/01/2022. Mali & Guinea also expelled after coups:


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