The Government of Tigray is committed to a peaceful resolution of the current conflict, says Getachew Reda, Advisor to the president of Tigray and member of the central command.

“The Government of Tigray is committed to a peaceful resolution of the current conflict. Our forces’ presence in Afar has essentially been about neutralizing a clear and present security threat and in principle we are committed to further withdrawal of Tigray forces from Afar territory as long as some conditions are fulfilled.

First, there must be secure corridors for the delivery of vital humanitarian aid to the people of Tigray.

Second, there must be system in place to facilitate the provision of sustained, unfettered, timely & adequate humanitarian assistance. The issue of humanitarian aid delivery should not be reduced to whether or not some trucks arrive in Tigray on a particular day. Rather, the issue is whether or not there is a system in place to facilitate regular, sufficient and unfettered aid flow into Tigray. The delivery of aid into Tigray should not be treated as an act of charity to be turned on and off according to Ethiopian authorities’ whims.

Third, the abhorrent blockade of Tigray must be lifted, and essential socioeconomic services restored. Finally, the implementation of these conditions must be verified by an impartial international entity, such as the United Nations, in consultation with the relevant stakeholders.” Wrote Getachew on his official account earlier today.

Tigray is under complete siege for more than 17 months now and the Ethiopian government using starvation and rape as weapon of war. According to human rights organizations the Amhara reginal state, Ethiopian army and his Eritrean partner committed serious human right violations, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Tigray particularly in western Tigray, the rights groups and senior US officials called it Ethnic cleansing.

Western Tigray is still under control of Amhara regional state, Ethiopian and Eritrean army.






According to Ghent University more than 500,000 people died during the ongoing war in Tigray.
The aid needed to Tigray is one hundred trucks a day, but so far, the number of trucks that have reached Tigray in the last 3 months is less than 0.3%. As a result, many people are dying due to lack of food and preventable diseases.

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