The government of Tigray has issued a roadmap to a peaceful resolution of the war in Tigray.
Reiterating that it was forced in to a war and that it is still committed in to a peaceful resolution to the war; the government put 8 preconditions to the resolution.

This are the 8 points raised.

  1. Immediate withdrawal of invading Eritrean (PFDJ) forces from Tigray and confirming their withdrawal by nonpartisan international organizations.
  2. Respecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Tigray with an immediate withdrawal of all invading forces from South, West, North and Eastern Tigray. (Amhara ane Eritrean forces)
  3. Removing the “interim Administration” and reinstating the elected government.
  4. Investigating the war crimes committed in Tigray by nonpartisan international organizations.
  5. Unhindered humanitarian access throughout Tigray and delivering aid to the needy 4.5 million Tigrayans and allowing and opening up Tigray to Journalists and human rights organizations.
  6. Inventory and Auditing, Returning and compensating of the looted, destroyed and dysfunctional Tigrayan wealth (Private, government and public resources).
  7. Releasing all political prisoners and other Tigrayans. And finally if,
  8. Negotiations are to be mediated by nonpartisan international organizations.

*** This preconditions and roadmap for a peaceful resolution to the war in Tigray can be used as a framework for future political dialogue and negotiations by all Tigray Nationalist forces.

Liya Kassa, Tigray Government Coomunications

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