Sheikh Haji Omar Idris, the grand mufti of Ethiopia and the president of the country’s Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, the father of Ethiopian Muslims – is warning the US: “Allah is is punishing the US with storm & rain. The US should keep its hands away from our government and our politics!. We can solve our issues by ourselves, we are demonstrating to tell them in handoff in Ethiopian internal affairs. He also added a statement “They can’t even prevent the corona-virus”. Don’t Interfere in our politics, there is Allah for our country.

Tigray’s humanitarian operations continue to be severely affected by the ongoing supply disruption, depletion of stocks, lack of cash, banking services, and telecommunications.

UN rights organization UN-Human rights reports as: Ethnic Tigrayans Forcibly Disappeared: For weeks, Ethiopia‘s authorities in Addis Ababa have rounded up, forcibly disappeared scores of Tigrayans, & shut down businesses leaving many desperately waiting for news of their relatives & residents struggling to make ends meet.

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