This is the mother of Tigray, the hardworking, the kind & God fearing mother. This is the mother of Tigray who toiled day and night to provide for herself & her family before the agents of death and destruction visited her Village and looted her food, burned her crops & destroyed her home.

This is the mother of Tigray, who had sons & daughters who loved her to death, took care of her & provided with all her needs before the agents of evil came to her home, killed her sons, raped her daughters, destroyed all her support system and made her destitute in her own land.

This is the mother of Tigray, the entrepreneur and small business owner who had enough savings in the banks to last her several years before the genociders denied her access to her own money.

This is the mother of Tigray who made her life mission making sure her children get an education she never had a chance to. She is the mother of teachers, doctors, engineers and business people who have the means and the will to provide beyond her basic needs, but are denied access by the Ethiopian government & its supporters who want to see her dead from starvation.

This is the mother of Tigray who was not well off and depended on the generosity of others and external support even before the war. And the world is ready to continue supporting her but the denied access to do so by the authors of #TigrayGenocide.

This is the mother of Tigray, who is wasting from starvation before our own eyes, while we, her children, are begging to help, while the world could have helped.

Abiy Ahmedi & his allies and each and everyone of you who are supporting the humanitarian & basic services blockade on Tigray, you are killing our mothers & fathers, you are killing our brothers & sisters, you are killing us!

Man-made #TigrayFamine #TigrayGenocide

By Amlakawit Medhin
The Prime News


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