If anything ,what PM Abiy and his government are known for is that being liar, deceptive and manipulative. Since the day HE came to power unprecedentedly , this behavior has been his sole and primary tool to get away from being questioned by people. He can’t repeat to day what he said yesterday. This behavior has become his second nature that sometimes he doesn’t even know it that he is lying.

Five months months passed s8nce the war ovr Tigray began. During those darkest months. So many unimaginably fathomless atrocities have been committed against civilians and institutions.

1. So many people were(still are)homeless , thousands of them exiled to Sudan , about a million people from western part of Tigray left their home and are in the towns of Mekelle , Shire and others. They went through hell to reach those towns. They lost their dear ones along the way.

2. Health centers ,public schools ,universities and factories were intentionally targeted looted and destroyed.

3. Women and young children who defied to be raped were amputated by guns. After that many of them were severely raped by many soldiers for numbers of days. The Amhara especial forces and militias and the Eritrean soldiers are the master rapists. Most of the atrocities on civilians are committed by them. It is hard to say that they are human beings.
They are just beasts in uniforms.

4. The peasants crops were burned , the crops at home were mixed with soil and sand.

5. People were gravely suffering in hunger. Youngsters in every town of Tigray were killed by the three joint massacres namely the ENDF, Amhara especial forces and Eritrean soldiers.

6. Tigray and its people were left in black out , networks shut down , international humanitarian were denied access for months.

7. Religious places (monasteries , churches and mosques ) were arso targeted, looted and hit by heavy artilleries . People who sheltered in them were killed, Christians who who were in a religious ceremony were massacred. Priests from different churches and monasteries were selectively killed. Nuns from monasteries were raped.
It was a total ethnic cleansing . A total genocide and liquidation.
It still is! A total disaster to humanity.
Abiy and Essayas are the masters behind all of this.

For months, until the international humanitarians and journalists entered Tigray, Abiy and his propagandists the likes of Daniel Bekele, Daniel Kibret, Zadig Abraha, Dina Mufti, Alemayehu Tegenu, Hirut WeldeMariyam and other activists were denying the atrocities on civilians ,the ful scale entrance of Eritrean soldiers and everything that is happening in Tigray.

Despite the denial of the above personalities , documentaries made by the international journalists tell and show the reality. The rape and genocide survivors told thir stories. We watched and heard their traumatic life. Thanks to the journalists who made this.

It was only last week in Parliament that Abiy confirmed the participation of Eritrean soldiers in the war. He didn’t want it to ,but he knew the world knows it and feard the effect it would bring to his politics.

Another shocking thing is that the way Abiy tried to justify the rape of Tigray women. He said ” their women were raped by men,but our soldiers(north command of ENDF) were raped by a sword/dagger .”
This gets us thinking how sadomasochist is this man!! So startling that such a saying came from a leader who has daughters !!!In fact all his men and supporters are like him. They don’t care if all the people of Tigray are dead as long as it works for their(his) politics.

Now, after months of cleansing people and lying(although the world knew it), he felt pressured America, EU and the UN , he told us that the Eritreans “agreed” to leave Tigray. Given his deceptive behavior , no body trusts him. Because , he is not worthy of a trust.

Despite this ” agreement ” of Eritrean soldiers leaving Tigray, more soldiers are flocking to Tigray through Adwa and Adigrat. Also, the previous soldiers never let go of Tigray, they were seen changing their uniforms. Of course , the ENDF uniforms. And they continued to loot and kill people in the streets.

No atrocity was made by soldiers just because and out of the blue. All of it was designed to be made. Designed by the lords of genocide and liquidation – Abiy and Essayas. The gang raping of young women, the mass killing of innocents, the burning of crops, the mixing of peasants crops with trashes, soils, and sands, the deliberately starving of people , the bombshelling of houses with civilians inside them , forcing people to flee their homes( especially people from western Tigray), the looting and destroying of public institutions, denying access to humanitarians and medication , destroying their identity etc are all tools of their war strategy. It is not about Tplf anymore. For all of it is made not on the Tplf but on the innocent people. Unless the UN, EU and NATO react soon, those blood mongers wouldn’t come to their sanity to stop the genocid for they are the designers.

The false news that ” the Eritrean soldiers agreed to leave off of Tigray ” has a dangerous wheel behind it.
An Eritrean diplomat who is in Adis Ababa explained it to another African diplomat that the brief on the “agreement to leave Tigray” ፡

1. to ploy the EU and Americans until the “main job is done. ” well, this means finished cleansing Tigrians.

2. Especial forces of Amhara to be under the ENDF, led by a general and itsain job to be controlling the borders of Tigray and carry out its command from out side to inside while the Eritreans do their “job” from the inside.

What one cam comprehend from this is that those lords of genocide and liquidation wouldn’t stop cleansing Tigrians until all is extincted.

Tigrians, though small in number, know the value of liberty and humanity , understand the value of peace , have now realized and come to epiphany that living with such people(of Ethiopia )only brings them the suffering of earthly hell . They now want to own their own country. They believe if they continue with Ethiopia , the on going suffering will continue . And to make this sure , youths from Tigray, from different parts of Ethiopia and even from abroad are joining the TDF(Tigray Defence Force ).


By Haphtu Charew

Human rights activist

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