Gloomy Christmas
By፡ Haphtu Charew

For Tigriyans ,people of Tigray region, there has never been a Christmas darker gloomier than this year’s. In fact, let alone this Christmas ,but also living in their own country has never become easy since the coming of Abiy(Dr.) as a Prime Minister .

They have been targeted ,profiled and marginalized by the country . The new normal in Ethiopia became blaming Tigrians for every bad thing happens in the country.

The political elities excuted the elimination tactics on them. They were defined ,defamed and now destroyed .The medias which are all infavour of “unitary” wing , helped this to happen.

They made documentaries demonizing Tigrians.

They called them names “የቀን ጅብ(day heynas),” ትግርኛ ተናጋሪዎች(Tigrinya sepeakers),and now ጁንታ(junta )

They interview people and elites that hold grudge on Tplf to make the people feel down and ashamed .
They escalate haterd.

Medias like “Esat” declared genocide on the peopl of Tigray long before the war broke out which was two months ago.
They were saying ” 95%to5%”- meaning the rest of the ethiopian peopl should destroy the 5% Tigrian people , ” to destroy/eliminate the fish , the river must dry out” – meaning the fish is Tplf,and the river is people of Tigray.

They were also nagging the government to bloke every service that goes to Tigray.
The danger is that the Prime Minister appreciated and called such media as an examplery media that other medias should look up to.

Imagine ,you have a Nobel peace prize winner leader that appreciates the media that declares genocide on its own people .How tragic is that?

Your Prime Minister gets an award of peace,but fails to bring peace in his own country,envades his own people by using drones , by inviting a sovereign country’s help and denies about it blockes any haniterial access? How would the world feel it?

When the war broke out,actually , it is an invasion ~a triangular invasion. The ENDF from south, the Amhara militia and especial force (they had along time motive to take land from Tigray)from the west, and the Eriterian army(they had a long time avengement )from the north. Tigray got circled.

No matter the cause stated by the Prime Minister “an attack on the northern command of the ENDF” the Tigray state regional government had declared “to have been invaded” by the above forces and demanded to leave off its territory .No one listened.
Ethiopia only listened to “its Prime Minister” . Felt happy that the government waged war against Tigray.

The religious leaders sided with the government and condemned the “deeds” of the Tplf. It never occurred to them that they are using only the government’s cuse as an evidence to judge.
Soon, the government shut every service down in Tigray. Banks,telecommunications ,water supply,light ,everything wad blocked. Tigrian ethnic got sucked from their job , their bank accounts got frozen , journalists jailed ,Tigrian companys also targeted and shut down. This all happened with put the knowledge or permission of the federal court.
Tigrians denied every access to all kinds of services . To this day , the government calles it ” law enforcement “. What an irony!!!

Looted ,killed ,destroyed by the three parties, Tigray turned to hell.

Civilians died of starvation ,died of lack of medical care, died of bombshell ,died of lack of humanitarian access .
The rest of the world saw it like soap opera.
This years Christmass , the birth of Christ never brought peace ,love and conciliation to the people of Tigray. It rather became foggy,bloodsheded, and crucifying .
The irony, the religious leaders’ speech was like any other year’s speech. It hurts so much to be ignored by the ones you think could bless you and prey for you.

What other countries call “genocide ” Ethiopians call it “law enforcement “.
When will this end? Oh! my people ,when will you get out of this labyrinth ?


By Haphtu Charew

Human rights activist

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