“Everyone in Ethiopia, including the international community, must understand that the use of phrases like “We must save Ethiopia” “Ethiopia shall continue” ” Ethiopia shall live forever” “Ethiopia is established by Blood and it shall continue by Blood” “Amhara genocide” “law enforcement” “Oromuma” “Junta” “OLF Shannee” and “Wayane/TPLF” etc in the current Ethiopian political context are political code words and phrases created and used by ethnic Amhara supremacist groups and the Ethiopian regime under their control to commit genocide and ethnic cleansing on ethnic Tigrayans and Oromos in Ethiopia! The use of these words and phrases in Ethiopia matches the standards set by international genocide and ethnic cleansing watch organizations. Hence, We reached these conclusions after monitoring the Ethiopian political situations and developments for at least the last 8 months! Therefore, there shouldn’t be any doubt about the meaning, the intent, and purposes of these words and phrases in the current Ethiopian political context! Note: We do not believe these Amhara supremacist groups and the regime they run now represents ethnic Amharas! Therefore, all the Ethiopian people, including ethnic Amharas, must oppose and struggle against these groups! The genocide and ethnic cleansing we are stating here are already taking place in Tigray by these very groups. It is starting in Oromia.”

By Dr. Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni


By PrimeNews Editor

Politics writer specially the Horn, Human Rights Advocate

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