On the opening debate regarding the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Tigray by Sarah Champion MP (Rotherham, Labour), Members of the parliament accused of using rape and starvation as a weapon of war by Ethiopian government and its allies. The MP debated if chemical weapon been used in the war and raised a lack of means of investigation options in the region.

The members of the parliament also debated on how the crises in Ethiopia ended with peaceful manner to end the hostilities.

UK Africa Minister James Duddridge also speaking in #Tigray debate says that Ethiopia is operating a “blockade” to prevent aid getting to the region. Also that Eritrean troops are – once again – back in Tigray “in significant numbers.” via Martin Plaut, Londen

Tigray needs 100 UN trucks a day but since 12/7 only 481 have arrived – Ethiopia gov’t must improve access to avert humanitarian catastrophe. UK extremely concerned by reports of mass killings & ethnic profiling. All parties must respect human rights & Int’l Humanitarian Law. James Duddridge added on Twitter,


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