Ethiopian regime confirmed two more airstrikes today in the Tigray region one in Mai Tsebri targeting civilians and another in Adwa textile factory.
The attack continues for the 6th time in this week. The government of Ethiopia admitting continues airstrike in Tigray region after the first attempt of denying the attack in Mekelle last week Tuesday and few minutes later the government admitted that there was an attack and airstrike in Tigray targeting depos. But it was absolute lay that the airstrike was targeting civilians and civilian infrastructures.

The attack continued on Friday to the city in mekelle as the Tigray air defence preparing for UN humanitarian based airplane. Few minutes before the the humanitarian aid plane departed, the Ethiopian military airplane attacked Mekelle. Thus the UN based humanitarian plane was unable to landed and back for the purpose of safety of the humanitarian workers, as the UN OCHA, explained for public.

Reports of new air strikes in the Tigray historical city , Adwa and Mai Tsebri happened today by the Ethiopian Air forces as a continuation of the air strikes which happened in the other Tigray cities.

Almeda Textile factory, Adwa. bombing with airstrike


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