The Prime News (Sept 29, 2020) Tigray state government says a national forum should be formed before October 6. According to Getachew Reda, Regions have the right to vote. We will not compromise. We paid the price. “We do not accept the answer that it is impossible to vote.” to state television on sept, 9 2020. Tigray region considered as the only legitimate region in the country and the federal government’s legitimacy will be expired by this week according to the constitution of FDRE, but TPLF leaders are still wait to the federal government to held national forum and form caretaker government before the deadline. Will Abiy’s administration ready to form the caretaker government? that is impossible to deal with it.

The NEBE was unable to prepare to the nation wide election due to covid-19 pandemic decided on March,2020, and now some of the members are not willing to take the responsibility and leave from the board,

Dr. Getahun Kassa, one of the four board members of the National Election Board of Ethiopia, Dr. Getahun cited “many reasons” for his resignation but said he would not disclose them at the moment.

At the time of his appointment as Board member of NEBEon June 13/2019, Dr. Getahun was a legal expert & advisor at the legal advisory council, a council advising the office of the federal attorney general’s office on judiciary reform.

At this time, the tplf and oromo parties among the challenges to the prosperity party. The ruling party has neither the responsibility nor the authority to hold elections. To vote, you first need to be a government, Amanuel Assafa, Tigray justice officer,

” Ethiopia’s current problem is more than TPLF and prosperity; A national forum should be set up. Prosperity leader, as I have said before, is a beginner mechanic who has not been able to unravel car bolts. Therefore, all national platforms must be created to assemble the car” Getachew Reda the senior politician and executive member of the TPLF.

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