Daniel Kibret, the special advisor of the PM Ethiopia, speaks about Tigrayan people to wipe out of this earth,
Atrocities and mass killing of Tigreans during the war in Tigray, 2020/2021 in Tigray.
Samre, Tigray Massacre by Abiy Ahmed and Issaiah Aforki soldiers.
Part-1: Mahbere diego, Centeral Tigray Massacre by 25 division military against civilians,
Part-2: Mahbere diego, Centeral Tigray Massacre by 25 division military against civilians,
Part-3: Mahbere diego, Centeral Tigray Massacre by 25 division military against civilians,
Unidentified place massacred of civilians in Tigray by Eritrean and Ethiopian joint military,
Daniel Kibret Speech, said “Eritrean soldiers never involved in Tigray war”
Tigray diaspora Community making an impassioned speech for action to end the deadly blockade on Tigray in front of the EU in Brussels. Antonio Guteries believes PM of Ethiopia than his eye or any international journalist.
Full video
Very graphic video, Ethiopian soldier killing Tigray civilians and put in to river, Tekeze
Testimony of Tigray Genocide, What do you do?

Amnesty and HRW report PDF
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