President Trump has delivered a shocking speech suggesting that Egypt could bomb the Renaissance Dam. The United States has been under intense pressure from the United States to negotiate with Egypt over its dam sponsorship. The tripartite talks were resumed on July 21, 2020 under the chairmanship of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. Accordingly, from August 18 to 28, water ministers and technical experts held an online negotiation.

According to an internal document circulated by FI a week ago, Ethiopia has requested that the talks resume on September 14, but Sudan has refused to do so. Although the last round of talks (August 28) took place almost two months ago, Sudan has not shown any interest in resuming negotiations. Negotiations are still pending. Trump’s speech shows why Sudan is heartbroken, while Sudan recognizes the importance of the dam, it is more valuable to remove it from the terrorist list. The cancellation of the terrorist list indicates that it has agreed to stand by Egypt on the dam. If Sudan sided with Egypt, the negotiations would be hopeless and over.

Trump says Ethiopia should not have been broken my promise and the deal we reached it out.
There are now at least three scenarios according to Addis Ababa based Finfinee Intercept,

  1. If Trump loses the election ten days later, if Harden and Harris take over, the pressure may be easing. Even so, the threat will continue for some time, as Trump will remain in power until January. Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice is one of the candidates for the Foreign Ministry if Biden comes to power. Even if it is not a foreign minister, she will still be in a very important place. It is important to think about how to communicate. As a friend of Meles, she is expected to have a positive view on the dam.
  2. If Trump wins another four years, he should assume that even if Egypt does not hit him, the United States will be able to hit the dam. No one is asking for America. They have reduced many nations to ashes. If Trump continues, he will say if you do not sign the US agreement, or Ethiopia will be forced to make a significant concession in the negotiations. Not only is it better to allow more years for the dam to be completed, but it will be challenging to continue without additional US funding for another four years. Considering that Ethiopia’s economic growth is 1.9 percent next year, the sanctions will take place in June and Monday. Export revenue declines; Wealthy countries are in a state of disrepair and no tourists will come to visit the Abyssinian Park. With the addition of a four-year subsidy, there will be no foreign exchange left for drug injection.

3. Trump won the election. Biden: Egypt plans to attack. This raises the level of military attack threat level. The dam must be kept vigilant from the moment this news is heard. There may be other scenarios that I have not considered at this time.

In any case, we will return to the blame later, and it is Abiy Ahmed, not anyone else, who has put us in this predicament. It was on October 23, 2019, that Abby received US mediation during a bilateral meeting with President #Alsisi during the Africa-Russia Summit in Sochi. The result was that many who understood the friendship between the United States and Egypt did not listen. Dr. Sileshi and Gedu should inform the public how this historic error was resolved. Or they may be involved in the decision-making process. In the last two and a half years, both major security and diplomatic failures have been a huge understatement. If a visit and an invitation with Isaiah’s lover is not considered a success.

The Finfinee Intercept


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