Locusts attack 420,000 hectares of crops in Ethiopia

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the locust epidemic in Ethiopia has affected 240 woredas.

The Prime Minister made the remarks while addressing the 1st Special Session of the 6th House of Peoples’ Representatives on Monday.

The Prime Minister said the areas affected by the locust outbreak are Afar, Oromia, Amhara, Tigray and Dire Dawa city administrations.

A total of 240 woredas have been affected by the locust infestation, while only 705 kebeles have been affected by the locust infestation.

He said a total of 4 million hectares of land has been cultivated in these areas, of which 420,000 hectares have been affected.

He said efforts are being made to import drones that are sprayed with foreign chemicals, but the process is not smooth፣ BBC Reported.


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