The Prime News (Oct 30, 2020) : “The Tigray state and the federal government must compromise on the negotiations!” say ICG.
International Crisis Group says tensions between the Tigray region and the federal government could escalate into a full-blown conflict.
The group outlined options that could be resolved before disagreements between the two parties escalated.
The main point of the solution is that both the federal government and the Tigray regional government should soften the conditions set by the negotiators.
Budget issue
Crisis Group says next week the federal government will begin allocating state budgets.
However, he recalled that following the decision of the House of Federation, the federal government would not provide budget to the Tigray Regional State. This suggests that this may increase the tension between the two parties.
It is to be recalled that the federal government has stated that the budget for the Tigray region will be transferred directly to the state level at the woreda and city levels, not directly to the state.
. What did Crisis Group notice during his recent stay in Mekele?
. Ethiopia is one of the countries most at risk of conflict
. What needs to be done to resolve the conflict between Tigray and the federal government?
The Tigray government’s response was unconstitutional. “It’s like declaring war,” he said.
What is the solution?
Both parties need to resolve their differences around the table, says Crisis Group.
However, according to the Crisis Group: The two sides set the conditions for a roundtable discussion.
What does the TPLF say?
According to Crisis Group: The TPLF is leading the Tigray region; One of the preconditions for negotiating with the federal government is the establishment of a transitional government not led by Prime Minister Abi Ahmed.
TPLF; He asserted that the transitional government was in control of the election. He also said that imprisoned political party leaders should be released and be part of the negotiations.
The TPLF is adamant that no other regional elections will be held in Tigray, says Chrisis Group.
He also accused Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki of meddling in Ethiopian politics.
Crisis Group: He says the TPLF needs to soften its preconditions for negotiation.
What does the federal government say?
Crisis Group: The federal government says it is unlikely to accept the TPLF’s terms and come to talks.
Prosperity party officials, on the other hand, say the TPLF must first acknowledge the illegality of the regional election.
He said the federal government should lift the ban on the budget in order to create a conducive environment for dialogue.
He said it would be good for the federal government to suspend the decision of the House of Federation regarding the budget allocated to the state.
The group suggests that this could lead to negotiations.
What is expected of the international community?
Crisis Group: He said the international community should play its part in reaching a national consensus if the crisis in Ethiopia does not worsen.
He said the US government and the European Union should press the federal government to enter into talks with the Tigray government.
The international community must press the Tigray region to stop issuing statements of harassment by the federal government.
China and the Gulf states, which are close to Ethiopia, should also put pressure on the two sides to come to the table.
He said South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, the current chair of the African Union, should work for a return to negotiations.
Crisis Group: If left unchecked, war could break out in Africa’s second-largest country according to bbc reports,


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