“I have tried to translate this post, which is an urgent call for genocide, as accurately as I can.” Google scholar and AI Specialist Dr. Tmnit Gebru

Taken screenshot from Pro Abiy and Amhara activist, Degene Assefa, Facebook

“A number of people are saying that they reported and FB is responding saying it doesn’t violate their community standards. Unbelievable. I have written as best a translation as I can below.”

Full translated the above screenshot, By Dr. Tmnit Gebru, Twitter Thread!

“The war is with the person who grew up with you, was your neighbor, but is favoring his own race and waiting for your death with hatred for your people. The war is with the person who you raised and fed, and who is a traitor. The war is not only with the invading Junta from Tigray, but with the spy and targeting officer next to you who wants your death and can’t wait to drink your blood. The war is with your enemy close by who is in Ethiopia’s cities and is spying for and sending money to your killers!!!

The war is with the person who lives in your neighborhood and drinks whiskey and parties when he thinks your killer has won the war!!!!! =If you can clear and control these thorns and insects in the forest, that you have held…don’t hesitate, victory is yours!!!!

And you know who they are!!! Even if it makes you sad, do it!!!!! You’re not crueler than them!!!! History is going to remember who was mean, who was a traitor, who has no remorse who was cruel!!!!

From now on, let this be done starting from Dessie, Kombolcha, Habru, Addis Ababa and in every city…. you will immediately see the change !!!! But don’t expect change when you are protecting killers and helpers of killers!!!!

Stop the discussion about which places they control vs not!!!! Since they’re determined to destroy you, act aggressively!!!! So speed up!!!! Speed up!!!! Speed up now!!!! Only if you’re fast, you can save your people from embarrassment and your country from collapse!!!!

This is not more important than your survival!!!! Keep your unity and do this…Ethiopia will win!!!!!

In red

Even if you don’t want to do it, Do it.

Its not more important than your survival

Its not more important than Ethiopia

“A number of people said that they reported to FB and got a response back saying that it doesn’t violate their community standards. Unbelievable.” Dr. Tmnit added.

“Horrifying. How can we be like this? This post has been liked 1.6k times & shared 556 times in 4 hrs. Google translate isn’t that bad on this one, tells you the gist. I don’t know what to say. This is a call for genocide telling people to act urgently.”

I have no words. @schrep @Meta Facebook whatever this is what your platform is proliferating. I have excerpts below. I have no words.

Dr. Timnit Gebru, AI ethics researcher

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