Abiy and Esayas Governments are on a mission of Exterminating the people of tigray.no matter the international community concerns about the atrocities that’s happening those evil creatures keep doing anything possible to burn tigray and the people in to ashes. not that the Ethiopian and Ertrian soldiers only killed civilians, gang raped girls, shelled towns , looted and burned every cultural and historical treasure but they also decided to kill the people out of hunger. they block roads so that those who are in urgent need of humanitarian aid will die, they looted and destroyed the farmers belongings who are used for plowing so they will starve to death.

Seven-year-old Latebrahan lies on a gurney at Axum University Teaching and Referral Hospital, where she’s being treated for malnourishment. The medical team were doing their best to keep her alive, but they had run out of a therapeutic feeding agent due to the blockade, the only way to help her gain weight without disturbing her delicate system. Latebrahan’s father, Girmay, who asked to be identified only by his first name, told CNN the journey from their home in Chila, around 60 miles north of Axum, near the border with Eritrea, had been dangerous and costly.“There is no help, no food, nothing. I didn’t have a choice though — look at her,” Girmay said.


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