The terrorist’s “relatives and/or the people he supports” are raping and killing Tigray civilians in Ethiopia, and this ‘shifta’ mercenary pulls out a gun at unarmed civilians Meaza Gidey in broad daylight in the heart of Los Angeles. Last month, this same person was seen throwing hate speech directed against the same Tigrayan peaceful protesters in L.A. Finally, the terrorist is arrested! Thank you, Los Angles Police Department! This is America, Mr. ‘shifta’! This terrorist should not only be prosecuted for attempted murder and criminal conspiracy but LAPD Headquarters (Los Angles Police Police Department) needs to take a deeper look at this act of domestic terrorism and its possible connection to the genocidal regime in Ethiopia that invests millions in silencing Tigrayans worldwide. The biggest question: who sent him? ~Esayas Hailemariam


By PrimeNews Editor

Politics writer specially the Horn, Human Rights Advocate

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