In Afar region Abala city (Sheket) three people have been shot dead by Afar police. On September 15 Afar police and youths living in sheket, a city located at the border of Afar and Tigray region has a dispute and three among the youths are shot dead by the police force, other nine has wounded. six among the wounded individuals are taking medical care at Ayder referral hospital in Mekelle, Tigray.

People Gathering after the incident in Sheket

According to the eyewitnesses from sheket the youths were collecting woods for the celebration of Meskel holiday (true cross) one of the highly celebrated Christian holidays while the police fired gun at them.  According to the mayor of sheket, Tahir hasen, the dispute arises when the youths violate the rule, by making a crowd which is against the emergency declared due to corona out outbreak. There is also a rumor that Ethiopia’s defense force arrived at the city after the occasion to tranquilize it. There could be political reason behind, devised by the incumbent prime minister to create a hostile environment between Tigray and Afar region.


By Guanshe Hadgu

Lecturer at Mekelle university. MSc degree in chemical and process engineering from Bologna University, Italy. Interested in Ethiopian politics

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