The Speaker of the House of Peoples ‘Representatives said administrative action will be taken against members of the House of Representatives who are not present at the meeting of the House of Peoples’ Representatives.

Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, Tagesse Chafo, made a statement on various issues.

In a statement, he said no council members from Tigray State were present at the last two sessions of the council.

He said efforts are being made to get the representatives to the council, adding that administrative action will be taken if they continue to be absent.

He said any problem should be solved through dialogue, law and order, not the destruction of the country and the violation of the law.

In response to questions from journalists about this year’s election, he said the National Electoral Board has confirmed that it has completed the supply of more than 90 percent of the election materials.

According to ENA, the election process should create an equal playing field for all competing political parties.

He said the readiness of all political parties is crucial for the election to be fair and democratic.

He said the council is working closer to the people. He recalled that he has donated 40 million birr in cash and materials to the flood victims.

He said a delegation of councilors to assess the situation in various parts of the country has moved to different parts of the country the state television reported.

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