The Prime New (Sept 20, 2020), Abiy Ahmed is hampering Ethiopia’s democratic transition, Ahmed is relentlessly doing things intentionally to sustain himself in power by setting quite a number of new agendas and breaking news at daily basis so as to divert the attention of Ethiopians, the global community and pressure groups- releasing quite various reports against his administrations.

Abiy’s administration is not ready for National Dialogue that is repeatedly mentioned by most of the rival political parties.

The ethnic political party dominance for last 30 years TPLF has been called for national dialogue to save the country from dangerous way. The other political parties and figurative for oromo people such as OLF and OFC have also been called for national dialogue . But the Abiy administration choices the way to detain and prominent political leaders and discussing with political allies in the country. This could cost the country far than ever.

The main problem was abiy is not man of his words,

By the time he came to power, he didn’t take time to apologize what has been done with the EPRDF, and promising not to make such thing in his administrations. But now the reverse is true, the country was safe compare the old regime, according to the local reports.

The government have to take an extended view, and form following inclusive negotiation to arive at a truth-and-reconciliation process to dealt with the legacies of historic violence and injustice. Otherwise, Ethiopia will not break the agonizing and destructive cycle which increasingly threatens to drive it over a ridge.

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