Eye witnesses have reported Ethiopia is profiling and sweeping up hundreds of thousands of Ethnic Tigrayans into concentration camps in Addis Ababs, Awash Abraba, Naziret, Dire Dawa, Arbaminch, Awasa, Combolicha, Bahir Dar, Benshangul, Gambella, Gonder and other parts of Ethiopia.

Credible sources confirmed that the detainees are in very harsh conditions. They are packed like sardines. They are beaten now and then. They are not being provided with drinking water, food, toiletries, menstrual pads, etc. They are being starved to death. It’s ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Disturbingly, it is reported that thousands of Tigrayan detainees are transported from Afar and other parts of Ethiopia to Eritrea forcefully. Given the bad record of the Eritrean Government on violation of human rights, it is extremely worrying that the detainees will be massacred at worst and tortured at best.

On 9 December 1948, United Nations member states approved the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide – a treaty born out of the fervent desire to ensure that “never again” would any person face the horror of genocide.

However, it’s shocking that another holocaust is undergoing in Ethiopia and Eritrea against Tigrayans in the 21st century while the international community is mandated to intervene and stop it.

Many concerned and surviving Tigrayans are demanding the international community (UN Security Council Members, Government Heads, European Council, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, various Embassies in Ethiopia, MPs, Senators, Councillors, etc.) for their immediate intervention to rescue the detained Tigrayans and stop further detention of Tigrayans in Ethiopia and Eritrea as a matter of urgency.

From concerned group of Tigrayans

Axumite Media
08 July 2021

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