Dears All,

As Tigray Education Bureau, we are writing to appeal to you to help us in our campaign to bring Tigray children back to school. The war on Tigray has caused extensive and intensive damage, destruction, loss, and consequence. As a result, we are now facing numerous challenges in restarting the education system in Tigray.

Before the war, the education system in Tigray was making significant progress in terms of access and equity Thanks to the government’s clear priority, hardworking people, and supports from our reliable partners, the walking distance to primary and secondary school was 2.56 and 7.06 km respectively. The class-to-student ratio in primary and secondary education was 1:39 and 1:43 respectively. There were over 12 million textbooks and reference materials, over three hundred thousand different aid materials, and over thirty thousand electronic materials including 4000 Plasma screens/TV, etc.

As a result of the war on Tigray, school buildings have been completely destroyed, school infrastructure and educational materials completely looted and burned, and the human resource (Teachers, Technical Assistants, and School leaders) of the education sector have been severely devastated to an unprecedented level. As a result, the education system is almost collapsed and everything we gained as a result of our hard work in the last three decades is now ruined and we are left with 2.4 million children waiting for us to bring them back to school.

With the Pretoria peace agreement, we are now working to bring Tigray children back to school, but we are facing enormous challenges. Schools are occupied by IDPs, explosives prevent students from accessing schools, and there is a shortage of human power, school infrastructure, scholastic materials, and supplies. The school community is traumatized, there is a shortage of food, and the number of students with special needs has increased to an unparalleled level.

We, therefore, appeal to you to support us in our efforts to bring Tigray children back to school. Your support will go a long way in helping us rebuild and revive the education system in Tigray. We need your assistance in rebuilding school infrastructure, providing scholastic materials, teachers training and healing, and a school feeding program for students. Your support can help us restore hope for the future of Tigray children.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

A list of urgently needed items for the school reopening is attached herewith.


Tigrai Education bureau


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